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[Misc] Flowers
I came across an add for a game just now and something caught my eye: Casual Violence Free.

What does that even mean? That all violence is necessary? That it only occurs in a committed relationship? Or that any fighting occurs in formal attire? Do people even think when they come up with these ads?

And if "No casual violence" means no unnecessary violence, where does that put it? Violence is violence and if you're either disturbed by it or else don't want your kids exposed to it, does the reason really matter? I mean, I know that I can only tolerate evisceration's if the character has a good motivation. None of disembowelment just for the heck of it. And I know that every time I watch television with a child, I explain to her that it's only acceptable to bludgeon someone with a blunt object if they really mean it. No violence without commitment here.

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Oh and also, however off-topic, did you see the Sericea emblem thing?

I'm just curious, and childishly impatient.:D

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