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Why I Will Never Buy a Rolex
[Misc] Flowers
My watch (which I've had and worn for six plus years) isn't cheap, but it's not insanely expensive either. I bought it from a jewelry store, but it was one of the cheaper options. Overall, I like it, it looks good, and I'm happy with it. As an added bonus, it has a good clasp on it, including a safety clasp so that even if the clasp comes loose, it stays on my wrist.

Or so I thought.

I just realized I wasn't wearing a watch and since I had to reset my car clock this morning (no idea why), I knew I was wearing one. So somewhere between being in my car on the way to doggie daycare and getting to class, my watch came off. Cue sinking feeling.

I was almost ready to leave class and start backtracking my steps (and hoping it hadn't fallen off in the middle of the road) when I realized that my coat sleeves were a bit tight and maybe--just maybe-- the coat sleeve undid the clasp and the watch got stuck there.

When I reached for the sleeve, the watch fell out and I was incredibly relieved.

I really like my watch.

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Don't Rolex watches have that crazy clasp anyways? I mean, maybe it's just boy watches.XD

So what if the safety clasp unhinges?:P

I used to have a cheap watch that I think had... I can't remember, but some form of Disney character on the clock face all through elementary and middle school.:)

But I stopped carrying a watch after middle school for some reason. I think it's because I had phones then.

I know that sinking feeling all too well though.... I thought I lost the ring Steph gave me two Christmases ago for about two months... until I found it under a paper in my room at home. I'm too scatterbrained.

But, like you said, I'm also glad you got to keep your favorite watch. It's nice to have a comfort item.:)

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