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Weird Accomplishments...
[Misc] Flowers
I went to the ophthalmologist yesterday, so I have new glasses.

A bit of backstory on me and my vision: Prior to a few years ago, I had horrible, horrible vision. The ophthalmologist called it "count fingers" because it was so bad that the charts didn't measure it (the big E is 20/400, I believe), but he estimated it at about 20/1600. That's bad. I had PRK on both eyes (which is a lot more involved than it sounds), so as of 2005, my vision is pretty good. It's 20/20 in the left eye, but a bit worse in the right eye. The right eye was the weaker one and the doctor said he could go in and correct it, but advised against it because as I get older, having a nearsighted eye will keep me from needing reading glasses as early (or maybe ever). So, as of now my vision is pretty much normal without glasses, but I do wear them when I'm reading or working on the computer because I tend to get eye strain if I don't and it's just easier.

But I don't need glasses, and since my eyes started getting bad when I was eight or nine, that's a big thing.

Anyway, the nurse was checking the prescription on my right eye with the projection of letters and the "1 or 2" thing. So she's running through the chart and the first thing that pops up was the 20/400 thing (a D in this case). So I said very excitedly "I can read that! It's a D!" She was like "That's good, but that really wasn't what I was going to check." I pointed out on one visit, when asked if I could read anything, my reply was "No...but I can make out three lines of text." Then I put my glasses on and it was the big E. Sad. I get excited about weird stuff, and she agreed, but then when she pointed out that a lot of people couldn't read that, so it was a sort of accomplishment.

That was my eye exam and that really should have been the weirdest accomplishment of the day, but it wasn't. I was watching the news in the waiting room and they had the coverage of the Virginia Tech killing. It's tragic and I don't want to make light of it, but one comment on the news just threw me.

The comment? Basically "And this was the first murder at Virginia Tech since a student killed 32 people before turning a gun on himself in 2007."

First, that statement... I don't know, it implies that murder on that campus has been a regular past occurrence and will continue to occur in the future. I've never been to a college where murder was a regular event.

Second, it sort of reminded me of one of those "No accidents in 2 days" gags, where accidents routinely occur in a factory. It just seems bizarre to say something like "And this is our first murder in a year and a half" in the same way you'd say "And this is our first heavy snow in a year and a half."

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Holy eye sight.

I got glasses for the first time when I was in 6th grade. And I hated it. I was a very active and tomboy kind of kid, so they just got in the way. So I started only wearing them in school.:P
I don't know if that made my eyesight even worse.

Around college, I started wearing them all the time. I can't remember why, really. Maybe I just accepted it then. But like, I used to be able to see so much without them, and now I'm totally screwed without them. And I don't have the patience to mess around with contacts, and hell if I'm letting a doctor light saber my eyes out.

But you have like super vision. That's crazy. o-o

They had another one? That really sucks...

Yeah, it was originally being reported as a decapitation.

The surgery wasn't that bad (except for the burning smell) and the results were really worth it. And I don't have super vision, I just have slightly below normal vision now and used to have super-bad vision. It was sad. :-(


I have this thing about eyes. It's weird, I don't like to think about it. Forget movies where someone gets stabbed in the eye and stuff like that. *leers*

Plus, emo glasses are just fashionable now. It's the curse that's a gift.:P

That's super vision to me, haha. You're fine now, right? No QQin.

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