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First Actual Monday
[Misc] Flowers
I made it through my twelve hour day today. I had actually planned on skipping my afternoon classes to come home for a nap, but I was feeling pretty good, so I stuck it out.

Agencies, Partnerships, and LLCs is still confusing. We have a group and I actually made a blog for us to discuss our assignments in. I figured it would be easier than emailing back and forth. I'm on the fence about the professor. He seems to be one of those people who believes in "suffering into knowledge" which basically means that he will keep badgering someone on and on until he feels that he's made his point. One classmate said something like "Wait, I'm confused" and the professor responded "No, you're not. You don't know the answer." It's interesting to watch because people get really testy.

Con Law...we discussed Plessy. 'Nuff said. Some of the stuff said in these old civil rights cases is amazing. Plessy argued that making blacks use separate accommodations was a badge of inferiority. The court's response? It's only a bad of inferiority if blacks see it as that. The dissent was marginally more enlightened....right up until he pointed out how bad it was that we treated blacks worse than Chinese.

Based on hearing a few things from people, I asked my professor about whether Obama really needed a second swearing in. He didn't think so, mainly because Obama actually become president at noon on inauguration day regardless and that the part of the Constitution that referred to the swearing in read "shall" instead of "must." Possibly, someone could argue that he didn't have the authority to execute laws, but there might be an issue of whether the person had the standing to bring it. Not to mention there's absolutely no reason to believe that stumbling over a word or hesitating would make it invalid. Still, it was probably pragmatic to redo it.

Evidence is still interesting, but horribly long.

In Family Law, my main contribution was to add that Oscar Wilde had been imprisoned for sodomy. We were discussing Lawrence v. Texas.

Health Care Law should be interesting, but I don't know. Overall, I have misgivings about people sitting around and suggesting ways to fix the Health Care System when they have no actual experience. I mean, really, is more paperwork ever the solution?

I was late because I had to pick Alley up from daycare. I'm not exactly sure how I'm going to juggle all this.
Now it's almost ten and I'm going to settle down and watch House and the Closer. We're supposed to get a decent amount of snow after midnight, so we'll see what happens tomorrow.

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I made it through my twelve hour day today.

o-o... O-O!!! Dear... oh my... wow.

I really don't like those types of professors, but I'm weak and non-confrontational. But I imagine you'd get along fine considering how skilled you are with that sort of thing. Basically, the guy I have to go through to get my mandatory internship to graduate is like that.-_-;;

I didn't even hear that about the inauguration. Funny how we follow THAT part of the constitution to a T while butchering people's rights out of the equation with the Patriot Act and the like. Shutting mouth now, since I'm not skilled at talking politics.

What was Exhibit A today? In Evidence? Ha? Haha?:P

I'm going to refrain from calling butt sex by any other term. So I'll continue to lol that you got to talk about butt sex for your class.

Yeah, the health care system hm? I don't know how to fix it personally, but I DO know if something happens to me I'm SOL, so I try to be careful.

You'll figure a routine that works out. I'm super confident because it's still the beginning, so you just need to find that new rhythm to master. That, and lots of coffee.

Is someone hoping for a snow day?;P
(I know I do on bad weather days:))

And I see a sad Mulan icon, so you get a *hug*, because I'm guessing it was a tense day.:)

I was so tired yesterday that I slept from midnight till nearly four today. I need to get more than two hours of sleep on the night before insanely long days.

Hopefully I'll be okay, I'll just know to prep well for that class. It's still not very nice, though.

Yeah, the Patriot Act.... I don't care what your politics are, anyone who can say with a straight face that it's okay for the government to be able to demand that the library give a list of books you checked out has problems.

Evidence was occupied by talking to you. We were also discussing hearsay. I keep getting the urge to stand up, point, and say "OBJECTION!"

And after I taught you the word buggery. What a waste.

Last night, we were discussing quality of heath care, specifically mistakes. The solution for that is more paperwork, which is pretty much the opposite to a solution. All it does is add more to the work of health care providers, which means they're having to do more in less time, which really adds to the chance of a mistake.

Well, today didn't affect me, but I'm hoping for a snow day tomorrow. We got quite a bit and now we're getting some ice, so hopefully....

*hugs back*

:O You can sleep in that late? Does it mess with your sleep schedule?:(

I understand you too well about prepping right now. I almost snapped today over stuff, but like, I just ranted to Steph since she had that professor already.

Okay, yeah. I think so too. I just didn't know what page you were on with that, so I wanted to not be offensive.:)

You're hearsay. Or something. Yeah, burn. I worry about you focusing though. I don't know how you do it. But I guess it's good, otherwise you might really get escapism and start banging on desks.

But, but, alright fine. You win. I'll start using it. I don't know how since I don't think nor need to think about buggery often. And I don't want to.:(

Yay bureaucracy.D:

I liked how our weather report put it here "Wintry brew". Lol. But I know my classes won't get canceled. IUP never cancels. Commuters be damned.

Aww.:) :D

It messes with it very much, which is why I only got two hours of sleep Sunday night.

Last night, I basically said "Screw it" and didn't prep on the hopes we'd get another snow day. Then I decided not to go if we did, but we fortunately got a snow day.

Well, I also don't like the laws about Sudafed being behind the counter or the fact that some counties declared a "Level Three Snow Emergency" which meant you could be arrested for even being out on the road. The Patriot Act is all that stuff on steroids.

So's your face. :-) And besides, I'd be zoning out anyway, so at least this way I pay half attention.

I heard the phrase "What in the name of buggery?" Maybe that would be a way of using it in conversation?

The funny thing was that everyone told us that the law school NEVER cancels classes. Out of four semesters I've been here, they've canceled a day of classes in the last three.


I despise you right now. No, not anything you did in particular, but being able to STAY OUT OF THAT MESS... Ugh. WHY COULDN'T MY SCHOOL JUST DO THAT IN THE FIRST PLACE?! D:

I was tempted to stay up because in ice storms IUP usually cancels, but I was good and went to bed anyways since I'm just so on the ball. Rather, I crashed in my bed when I was playing a game.:P
But isn't NOT reading for you dangerous? I mean, you coulda been screwed getting called on and stuff if class did happen.:P

... not bad. I just got burned. I suppose you're more feisty than I account for. You don't seem like the type to zone out. That's crazy.

See, my little state college, IUP, is just like law school. Except without law, and with parties. I usually party.:P

Oh and uhm, you're sitting there commenting at me, cracking jokes about my face, but you're not on AIM?! What in the name of BUGGERY!!?!!?:V

I quit now, that's it, I'm going to go take my rose-tending abilities elsewhere.;)

Oh yeah, PS:
Keep your camp and your Rolexes out of my inbox!XD

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