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101 Update
[Misc] Flowers
I thought I'd see how my 101 list is coming and the answer is not well. In my defense, I was pretty sick the first part of January and with classes...well, it's just not working too great. I need to sit down and work on an action plan for the next few months.

7. Graduate Law School. - I'm arguably on track for that...if I don't run screaming into the night. This semester is not going great for me.

54. Complete My French Coach. - Bought it.

55. Complete My Japanese Coach. - Bought it and started on it.

56. Complete My Chinese Coach. - Bought it.

58. Complete My Word Coach. - 43% completed.

72. Organize kitchen. - I've bought some stuff to organize with and I've made a little headway, but not much.

87. See Avenue Q. - I've got the showing information and I've contacted a few people who might be interested. No luck. I may just to by myself one afternoon.

90. Learn to knit. - I've found a place that offers classes. It's a knitting store and it looks like they could help me make about anything.

92. Complete 15 cross stitch/embroidery projects. - I have two in progress, none completed.

94. Try at least one new recipe per month. This one is going great. I've made three four recipes in the past week. I'm also planning to make chocolate chip cookies this weekend.

I'm not as far along as I'd like to be, but I still think that my list is achievable.

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Things are not going well with classes?:(

I won't make you talk about it though- I feel that if you focus on that, you'll fall into a deeper sense of despair.

Take it one step at a time. I know you have a tendency to get very excited about your projects, be they entertainment or school-related.:)

That's a lot of Coach games. I wish I could find more time for My Japanese Coach, but it's gathering dust at the moment since I'm busy, and the 360 takes all my offline gaming time now.:)

An organized kitchen is a happy kitchen.

Aww... see, this just sucks *envies*. Cause that show sounds so awesome too. I'm sure you'll still love it.:)

You'll become a knitting master.XD I am so very sad that I'm scarf-less now since I lost the one my great aunt made me. I once crocheted a scarf, but it turned out... erm, not so great... but Steph still wears it for my sake.:P

Oh, those embroidery things look so hard. Very nice.:) I haven't done embroidery since fibers class(but we didn't get a pattern or anything).

A regular chef now... though, chocolate chip cookies are so... so plain and yucky. I don't know why I dislike them. Oatmeal cookies are soooo much better.:)

I'm just very burnt out on it. That's all. I've just reached the "I'm never going to make it though" point...though I suppose I should be happy that it took so long to kick in this year. I actually used the weather as an excuse to not even to up this week. A weak excuse, but... I keep trying to figure out some way of getting in a better frame of mind for it.

I was trying to do Word and Japanese coach simultaneously, but that didn't work out. So now I'm just going to focus on Word. I should be through it by the first of April at the latest, so then I'll start on another.

I'll have to make you a scarf! But I'll have to get good enough for it to be a pretty scarf.

I think it depends. They're a really simple food, but when they're really well-made, they're just amazing. I'm trying to find a recipe that I like. Also, I like oatmeal cookies with chocolate chips.

You're going to make it through. You know why? You will for yourself primarily, sure, but I just know you're going to do it for a multitude of other reasons. And not just do it, but get really nice grades, and a really, really, awesome job for all of your troubles.

Maybe focusing on your class 100% will help somewhat.:) So, no more AIM for you during class. I'll survive. You gotta get your life organized before worrying about anything else. I'll be here for support role, of course, if you'd have me.:D

What did you use the weather to do?

I think the first few weeks are always so rough... I know the past few weeks I've been like that even though it's bad. You caught me on one of my worst days(even when my course work doesn't even scathe yours), but I made it through cause you were around to cheer me up.:D I would love to provide that same favor in return- I feel like I'm in debt.:P

Your focus is very nice. I admire that. I want that! I mean, seriously, you have your word goals all laid out so nicely.:)

Aww. I would love it, seriously. I treat my hand-made gifts with utmost care(even though it doesn't show since I lost my scarf:()

I just hate chocolate chips in my cookies, unless they're white chocolate. I don't even know why. Maybe I'm racist with chocolate.:) I also detest brownies and all-chocolate cookies.

OH! And did you still want to do the Valentine's Day thing on S_S? I have a bit of work this week, but mine is so much less than yours so I can manage it, if you post it and take the credit since I hate spotlight.:P

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