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Lana is Saved!
[Misc] Flowers
fayoreix2 can sleep soundly tonight, knowing that I have saved Lana and, as a result, finally finished Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.

Also, I was totally right about the person I asked her about because apparently, anyone that friendly is both evil and nuts. Called it.

Now I just have three more to go. Also, I swear, if the Wright/Edgeworth subtext gets any more blatant, by the end of the third game, the courtroom sex will not be thinly veiled. It

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Way to go. You let Ema get to torment me in GS4.

Just kidding. I really love Lana. And Mia. I think it's the scarves by this point...

But, case 5 was the first hopeless feeling chapter I ever had. When Lana didn't want to cooperate at all, so frustrating.

I didn't want to tell you. I wanted you to figure it out. I'll gladly spoil you later then. *sticks out tongue*

Subtext? More like main text. I still like Phoenix and Maya... I don't find it creepy.:(

Oh yeah, but let me tell you a fun story right now... since you beat 4, when Von Karma charges you with that taser, I was completely in a dark room and I threw my DS. I am not a big wuss, I swear.:(

Also, I made a Popo-thing account, but I got lost pretty hard.:P


I love Lana, too. And Mia. They're such interesting characters that should probably be paired up because there's just so much potential there.

Case 5 was definitely not the happiest ending, but it was cool.

Nah, I appreciated the lack of spoilers. But if Gant had turned out to actually be a good guy, I would have been floored.

Hmm...Maya and Phoenix. Don't see it now, but maybe in the later cases.

It's the jerk factor. When something surprises you, you can't help it.

Yay! What city did you choose? I'll help you. My character is Yuri Michaels.

Sorry... Gyakuten Saiban 4. I haven't been able to call it Apollo Justice fully yet.:P

No way, dude. Mia has her person. I also love that person. But I can't tell you whom. I don't think Lana is capable of love. Just kidding. I don't know, but I really like cold-hearted characters that Phoenix gets to warm up. It made me feel good. Plus, poor Ema. She needed the sisterly love back.

I thought it was a happy ending. Fuck Gant, and his swimming anyone bull crap too. Corrupt got pwned.

No, you probably won't get Maya Phoenix ever, since I'm odd.

I suppose so, but it was like... DAMNNNNNN! I just didn't see it. I had my DS Phat then though, so it was safe.

Helsinki? Since it's a music game... and that's obviously where the best bands come from.:P But I am like I said, lost, so I'm like, clicking random stuff and then I pretty much gave up.>->

Helsinki? Sweetie, come to Melbourne ASAP. :-)

How do I do that? *blush* That's about how lost I am. @-@

I wish I could just pick it up. If it were WoW I could, I swear! Wait... I was so lost when I started that too, as a human no less.:p

Okay, first you need to decide what genre you want your artist to be. Let me know your character's name, because I'm sending a character to Helsinki to get you some stuff you can sell for money. After that, you should start an artist and work on booking shows. I can teach you most of the skills you need and we'll work from there.

I think I accidentally did that already.:D Metal.

Irja Huovila

Yeah, that whole shows thing, like whoa... no clue.:)

Yay for onee-sensei~

Well, genre isn't set in stone. It can be easily changed. BUt if you're happy with it, that's cool, too. I can't teach you that.... I'll just buy you a genre book.

As far as getting your shows, right now just get some covers and add some events. I'll do a little research into it. It's been awhile since I started out with shows. Basically, we need to focus on helping you play a few shows to get some money and then getting the skills you need to either play shows well on your own or get in a decent artist, if you choose.

Okay. That's cool.

I'll try to figure it out?:P

I'm on AIM, should you want to pester me to go quicker.

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