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Writer's Block: Table for One
[Misc] Flowers
Do you ever go out to dinner (at a sit-down restaurant) by yourself?

Yes. I don't see a problem with it. I remember some other women being shocked by the fact that I went to a restaurant alone and talking about how they could never do that. I just feel that everyone deserves to be able to enjoy a good restaurant (or movie or whatever) if she wants without having to find someone else who is willing to go her (I use feminine pronouns here because my experience is that women have more hang ups about it).

I know it's a little intimidating and it's obviously nicer to share a meal with someone, but it seems a little silly to effectively say that you're only allowed to do something you enjoy if someone else will do it with you.

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How can you go to a restaurant.... alone. Good women should only leave their homes with appropriate boyfriend in tow, or other women. Never even leave the house alone for that matter.;p

I can't say I've ever went out to eat or to a movie alone... but I'm not against it.:)

I can go to a cafe or a cinema alone but restaurant -no. I dunno why, probably too shy for that or probably I just always have a company of friends. Come to think of it, the latter is more correct because I usually have not so much free time so if I want to eat out I usually prefer to meet a friend (or boyfriend) at the same time. Besides I like sharing good places with friends so I have a reputation of a person who knows where to eat japanese food in this city :)

The curse of popularity, huh? :-)

I have actually never been to the movies by myself. I really need to do that.

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