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I'm So Loli...
[Misc] Flowers
I came across this list called "101 Lolita Lifestyle Ideas." It surprised me because a lot of things sounded fairly normal (albeit very traditional), but what shocked me was that I had done several.

1. Buy a lovely floral print notebook or leather-bound journal and keep a Diary. Begin each entry with ‘Dear Diary’, press flowers between the pages, and draw Lolita fashion designs in it.

2. Get a Lolita pen pal, learn how to write a proper formal letter and send it on pretty scented paper, send gifts and things for each others birthdays. You might want to purchase a quill or dip pen, its fun to write with when you get used to it and has an old fashioned feel.

3. Find a time during the day when you can enjoy the ritual of Tea. Late afternoon or mid-morning is traditional. Read about how to hold a ‘high tea’ and visit specialist tea shops to learn about the different blends and qualities.

4. Visit the library and look for some suitable reads while you await the next G&L Bible. Fiction: Look for victorian romances, classic children’s stories, compilations of fairytales, gothic novels etc. Non-fiction: books on Victorian fashion and life, crafts, cooking, pattern books etc.

5. Host a dinner party for something different, bring out the fine china and confuse your friends with a full array of cuttlery (make sure you know which fork to use for the fish!)

6. Teach yourself some arts and crafts, make lavender sachets and pillows, learn embroidery or cross-stitch and sew up some loli-able goodies. Other crafts you might enjoy a millinery, teddy bear and doll making, jewelry, knitting, quilling, calligraphy and watercolours.

I do embroidery and cross stitch; a lot of the others were on my 10001 list.

7. Have a go at learning a musical instrument, classical instruments such as piano and violin may take your fancy. An alternative may be to attend some classical music events such as symphony, opera or ballet.

Violin and piano, thank you very much.

8. Set aside one day a month to be your “Princess day”, put on your favourite outfit and spoil yourself like a little princess for just one day, eat yummy desserts and pamper your royal self.

9. Have a picnic, theme it to suit your taste. A teddy bears picnic in your local park, a solemn occasion at an old graveyard or a formal event by the river or in a garden.

10. Find a small patch of land or some pots or window box to start a little flower garden, grow whatever flowers you like, roses, violets, lilies. Water them and take care of them and pick the flowers to decorate your house or yourself!

I've done it in the past and plan to do it this summer.

11. Learn a bit about the history of your town or city, visit old churches or graveyards, art galleries, museums and libraries and absorb the history and culture imbedded in them. Try and imagine what it was like to live here 100-200 years ago.

My family has its own graveyard.

12. Have a Lolita movie night! Watch classic childhood movies, gothic horror and victorian/steampunk films!

13. Create a place in your bedroom or bathroom that can be used a your ‘Vanity’. A small table with a chair or just a shelf on the wall will do. Decorate an old mirror to hang above it and store all your Lolita necessities, make up, perfumes, bows, ribbons and head dresses. You might like to find an old styled hand-mirror and matching brush, and place a vase of flowers to complete your Vanity.

14. Get dressed up and go to the Theatre, try and catch something classic like Shakespeare or a Jane Austen or Oscar Wilde adaptation. Some old theatres are among the most loli-able places you’ll find. Check out the bathroom, sometimes they even have a ‘powder room’ with full length mirrors!

15. Watch some Lolita themed anime, Rozen maiden, Chobits, Paradise Kiss and Sister Princess are good examples but there are many more. You might be able to find the manga too.

Chobits and Paradise Kiss, thank you.

16. Host a murder mystery party with a Lolita theme! It’s a great chance to dress up and act a part as well. As an alternative, host a vampire styled mystery game!

17. Take a ride on an old steam train, especially one where you get a little compartment to yourself and can have dinner on board.

18. Learn some old fashioned card and dice games. Gather the girls for a ladies poker or bridge night.

19. Visit antique and second-hand stores; be on the look-out for vintage clothing, furniture and objects that have a Lolita style to them. Use your imagination.

20. Try to present yourself as Lolita, even when you aren’t wearing the style. Refine your manners and be courteous and respectful. Find opportunities to do little good deeds (help an old woman who is lost, offer to help a mother with children and loads of shopping etc.) they will improve your self esteem and the way others see you. Little acts of kindness can brighten another’s day.

21. Take morning or evening strolls in the park, or local public gardens. Appreciate the weather, the seasons and the people around you. You might like to find a quiet bench to sit and write in your diary, or just enjoy the peace.

22. Take dancing lessons, ballet or classical dance depending on your age and fitness. Dance will help you learn how to move gracefully, and it can be a lot of fun too.

Ballroom and ballet. I want to start ballroom again.

23. Study etiquette, there are many books on the subject. Learn how to greet someone formally, how to introduce people, how to write invitations and declinations and the like.

I own a couple of etiquette books. I'd love to do an actual course.

24. Take pleasure in the tradition of gift giving, you need not spend a lot of money, little gifts and homemade things can cheer others and make them feel appreciated. Always bring gifts to parties and learn how to wrap them with style and elegant presentation. Gift ideas: home baked cookies, jams, flowers, handkerchiefs, hair pieces, scarves, candles, photo-frames, floral sachets and pomanders, soaps.

25. Refine your language, speak slowly and clearly and use proper terms for things instead of slang. Never swear or speak rudely to others. Learn to control your emotions in public, if you are upset consult with a close friend and be thankful to them for listening. If you are interested, learn japanese as it will come in handy to read Lolita magazines.

26. You may like to write poetry, a popular form in Japan is Haiku. Learn the forms of haiku and traditional poetry and use them to express your feelings and appreciation of nature. Poems also make nice gifts.

27. Find or make a set of Lolita bed sheets, floral prints and lacey designs are usually easy to find. Lolita’s like lots of poofy pillows and bolsters. A canopy or mosquito net can be decorated with lace and hung above your bed as a cheaper alternative to a full four poster bed.

28. Travel in Lolita Style! Next time you go abroad have a farewell party. Buy an old-fashioned suitcase to pack your things in and carry a small purse with you, perhaps bring your favourite doll or bear for comfort. On your holiday meet up with other lolitas in the area, go to local tea-shops and visit places of interest. Take photos of yourself at different places (you can edit these to black and white or sepia if you want that old look.) and write letters and postcards back to your friends. Bring home sweet little souvenirs for everyone.

29. Sit for a professional portrait or photograph in your Lolita clothing! If you’re lucky you can convince friends or family to join you for a group portrait. Keep a photo album for your pictures.

30. Make a Lolita scrap book. Decorate it with stickers and cutouts from magazines, newspaper etc. Print out your favourite pictures of Lolita outfits and draw your own. This will be a great source of inspiration for your projects.

31. Bake, Bake, Bake. There is no end to the amount of Lolita recipes out there, whether you like sweet cakes and treats, elegant sandwiches or cross shaped cookies. You might like to collect all your recipes into a Gothic & Lolita cookbook to share with your friends.

This week, I've baked two loaves of break and chocolate chip cookies. Also, I'm going to buy a bread machine.

32. Take up some ladylike sports, Croquet and Badminton are good choices and not too hard to play in skirts and petticoats

33. If you live near a river take a river cruise, perhaps on an old steam or paddle-wheel boat. For an alternative go rowing and have lunch on the river.

34. Start a doll or teddy bear collection, make them little Lolita and dandy outfits and give them a special place in your room. Find a book on names and have fun giving them silly old fashioned names like “Sir Hortence de Porpington.”

35. Take sewing lessons, or learn a form of needlework like crosstitch, embroidery, applique or lace making.

Needlework yes. I'm also planning to take a sewing class.

36. Visit a children’s home (orphanage) and volunteer to help out or make a donation, try and spend some time with children and remember what it was like to be young, they will help inspire your imagination.

37. Buy some essential oils and make your own Lolita scent; roses, violets and lilies are suitable, perhaps with some old spices like cinnamon and nutmeg and a dash of something fruity.

38. Visit a Heritage rose garden, walk amongst all the different varieties of rose and choose your favourite. This might be a good place to have a picnic or tea party. Try some rose delicacies like rose petal jam and rose tea.

39. Decorate your walls with Lolita style. Instead of painting them choose a floral wall paper in soft colours or striking black and white. Get some ornate frames and put in pictures of yourself and your family, Mana pictures or Lolita style artwork. Hang an ornate mirror or one shaped like a cross and decorate a clock face with roman numerals to have that gothic look. If you are going for a floral theme make garlands of silk flowers to hang about the place and hang paintings of flowers and landscapes.

40. Make a Lolita silhouette. This is very easy, you need a photo of yourself in profile (from the side on) you can also use a photo of a loved one. Get some tracing paper and trace around the outside of your image so you have a shadow like outline of your picture. Use it as a stencil to cut out the shape from black card or paper. Paste the card on to some white paper and frame it in an oval frame.

41. Dress you pet up in Lolita style! A cute black bow around their collar or tiny hat to match your outfit, if you have a dog you may like to take it with you on your evening strolls. If you are considering a pet, Lolita’s prefer cats, small dogs and rabbits. Always be responsible with the safety of your pet and make sure it is comfortable with your accessories.

42. Celebrate Friday the 13th! It is surrounded by superstition and makes an excellent date for a Lolita party. Research other superstitions surrounding the number 13.

43. Experiment with some old beauty remedies. Buttermilk to cleanse the face, powdered oats to exfoliate. Lavender or rosewater to freshen ones complexion.

44. If you live in a suitable area, arrange to take horse riding lessons. Horse riding is a sport reserved only for the most wealthy and genteel.

I do that! It's western, but I still do it.

45. Design and make your own ‘calling cards’ they should include your name and address. A calling card can be left when you pay a visit to someone or as an informal ‘business card.’

46. Fans and Flowers. Both were language in victorian times. A fan may be used to signal your intent or carry a secret conversation across the room. Flowers each had specific meanings, next time you buy flowers take care to choose those appropriate to the occasion.

47. Take a ride in a horse carriage! Some large parks and old towns have carriage rides for tourists. Enjoy the romantic experience of riding in style.

I've done it in the past.

48. Make some Lolita jewelry. You’ll find it easier than it looks, try and find some glass beads and charms shaped like roses, crosses, crowns and keys. Cameos and fake pearls can also give a very elegant style to your creations.

49. Make your own Lolita stationary. Find some beautiful clip-art of scrollwork and flowers and Lolita symbols, if you like drawing design your own. You can make envelopes, letterheads and memos. Marbling is another technique to decorate your stationary. For fun seal your letters with sealing wax.

I bought adhesive seals with a B.

50. In spring collect some flowers to press and dry. Little flowers like violets look nice pressed, just put them between two sheets of paper and stack heavy books on top. Give them a few weeks to dry then you can attach them to cards and other gifts. Large flowers like roses and lavender can be dried in bunches, hang them upside down in a dark dry place. Later on you can put them in vases or use them as accessories (careful, they will be fragile!) For a gothic look dye your dried roses black or blue.

51. Alice in Wonderland is a popular symbol to all Lolitas; host an Alice themed party for your birthday or next tea-party. Get people to dress up as different characters and have Alice themed activities.

Um...does the urge to dress up as American McGee's Alice in Wonderland for a Storybook theme count?

52. Next time you visit the beach, go in Lolita sailor style! Collect shells to make things with and have a picnic with ice-cream and pink lemonade. Don’t forget your parasol!

53. Think of some little changes you can make to your lifestyle to incorporate a sense of Lolita style. Instead of using tissues buy a nice handkerchief and decorate it with your initials and some lace and ribbon.

54. Take a bath instead of a shower, use pretty scented bubble bath and floral soaps. You might like to float flower petals in the bath and light candles.

I have a five-foot long bathtub and when my cousin saw all my products, he asked "How many people use this?"

55. Make or buy an old fashioned night gown, you might like to make a night cap too! Read one of your Lolita books and have a cup of sweet cocoa or warm milk before you curl up in bed.

56. Spend more time on your appearance, take care to look your best everyday and try new hair styles and make up. Preparing for the day can become a nice little ritual, often we rush around in the morning rather than taking time to choose and coordinate our outfit and face, hair, perfume.

57. Make an effort to get in touch with your inner child; don’t worry about being grown up all the time. You might like to take a little brother, sister or cousin to the movies, see a kid’s film and allow yourself to be carefree for an afternoon.

I'm a little too in touch with my inner child sometimes.

58. Next time there is a circus in town, get some tickets and go along! Circus’s are a great way to spend an evening with your lolita companions, enjoy the costumes of the performers and watch out for the gentleman in the top hat!

No way. At least, not unless there were no animals. I've heard too many horror stories about their treatment.

59. Find out a bit about your ancestry, some old relatives may have pictures of your ancestors in clothes that are very Lolita like indeed. Try and imagine what life would have been like for them, rich or poor. If you can get a copy of one of these pictures hang it up in your room to remind you of your history.

We have a lot of old photos and my mom does a lot of geneology. I can trace at least one ancestor all the way back to England.

60. Here is a fun game for you and a fellow Lolita, find a park that has a giant sized chessboard. Play some games and use it as an excuse for a photo shoot. You can also pretend to be chess pieces yourself!

61. A good way to incorporate a little Lolita style in to your everyday clothing, especially work or school clothes, is to make some hair accessories. They don’t have to be full headdresses. little bows and ribbons can give you a very sweet look and they are easy to make! Choose velvet and satin ribbons, lace, silk flowers and little jewels. At craft stores you can often find barrettes and clips to glue these on to.

62. Another fun party theme is fairytales. Fairy tales are full of little girls who were naughty or nice and lots of princesses, you could go as Lolita themed red riding hoods, goldilocks, bo-peep, cinderella or snow white!

63. If you have lots of Lolita friends in your area host a halloween masquerade ball! This is the perfect time to show off you most stunning outfits, make delicious food and flaunt your ladylike charms. You might even meet a handsome prince!

64. Celebrate christmas (or a winter holiday) in Lolita style. Make a christmas themed outfit with bells and red velvet and white lace/fur. Decorate your tree with ribbons and hearts and homemade gingerbread you can eat later! Make lovely loli gifts to give to friends and family and design your own christmas cards.

65. Spring is another great time for a Lolita celebration, whether you celebrate easter or not you might and enjoy a chocolate egg hunt. You can decorate your own basket and make an ‘easter bonnet’, a great fancy hat or headdress with flowers and bows and spring themed things. It is the perfect time of year to enjoy your garden and have a party or picnic.

66. Build yourself an old styled Doll house. Doll houses are a popular hobby even among adults and there are many shops that sell furniture and items to put in them. This might be a good alternative if you can’t decorate your own house in Lolita style.

67. If you’re a gamer, look in to Lolita styled games and rpgs. Three recommendations: Londonian Gothics on DS, Granado Espada for PC, Castle Falkenstien is Pen&Paper. Perhaps you might like to start an online Lolita rpg?

68. Look for ways to add Lolita style to your more modern accessories, decorate your phone, mp3-player, purse or anything else with a little loli trim or artwork. You’ll find even when you’re dressed in ‘normal’ clothing it adds a secretive touch of Lolita to your day.

69. Make yourself a playlist on your computer or MP3 player that inspires you, you might like to go for classic music or j-pop/j-rock. If you search there are many songs that reflect Lolita ideas and where the fashion came from. Try sound-tracks from the movies or anime mentioned previously. Music with child-like vocals or a carnival or music box melody.

70. Go to a carnival in full Lolita style! There is something inherently fascinating and a little spooky about carnivals, especially at night. Ride on the carousels, Ferris wheels and eat heaps of fairy floss!

71. To look like a Lady (or Lolita!) you must carry yourself like one, don’t worry this doesn’t mean walking around with books on your head, but paying attention to your posture will make you look more elegant and beautiful in Lolita-style. A few tips: Take small steps, carry your head level and look straight ahead, don’t swing your arms, let them rest lightly by your sides, sit with your knees together and never slouch!

72. Make an effort to take good care of your nails. They should always be clean and neatly trimmed. The french manicure style is suitable for daily wear but you might want to decorate them for special events, pretty hands are a great asset when serving tea.

I'm usually pretty good about this. I've been slacking off a bit lately, but I usually put rosebud salve on my cuticles every night before bed.

73. Pay attention to your choice of scent, appropriate perfumes and oils in fragrances like vanilla, rose, violet, jasmine or something darker with musk or cherry tones will offset your outfit. Try to avoid anything overpowering or very artificial. There is even a perfume called ‘Lolita Lempicka’ which is quite delightful.

I love perfume.

74. If a Lolita wishes to stay healthy (and fit into her summer dresses!) she might consider some childhood games such hopscotch, jump-rope and hoola-hoop.

75. If you are fortunate enough to be getting married, why not have a Lolita wedding? Look at the Bibles for inspiration, and find images of victorian wedding dresses. If you’re very lucky you may be able to coax the groom in to a top hat and frock coat!

76. Convince a friend or partner to learn ballroom dancing with you, its fun, ladylike and you will always stand out at a ball or party.

Done it.

77. If you prefer something a little faster, try and catch a ride in a really old car, the sort with great long fenders and little round head-lights. There are a lot of vintage car clubs that run shows and events you could attend.

78. Learn to arrange flowers, either real ones or those made of silk. Roses, violets and lilies are old fashioned favourites that will bring elegance and beauty to any room. Or you can carry them with you as a little possie.

I do a lot of cut flowers. I'd love to take a flower arranging class.

79. Host an old-fashioned garden party! This can be a simple outdoor event to enjoy a lovely summer day. You might like to have a fruits and flowers theme, ask people to incorporate these in to their outfits and serve fruity deserts and pink lemonade on a table decorated with flowers.

80. Do some research into the history of the Lolita fashion. Familiarise yourself with the bands, artists and designers who inspired it. It’s always good to have an understanding of where you fashion started and how it’s progressed over the years.

81. Painting and drawing is a traditional past-time for young ladies, even if you don’t draw regularly give it a try. Start with simple things like flowers and gradually work up to people or landscapes. It’s a great way to express your ideas for outfits too!

82. A good Lolita will always make those around her feel comfortable in her presence, and this is especially so for other lolitas. Always try and find what is nice about their outfit and compliment them on it. Even if you have a fancier or more expensive dress don’t use that as an excuse to act better than them, it is very rude. Only offer constructive criticism if they ask for it.

I like to think I'm pretty good about doing this.

83. If you can, wear Lolita to work or school one day! Use it as a way of educating people on the fashion and presenting a good image of Lolita.

It was Halloween and we shall never speak of it again. Clear?

84. Here is a fun craft idea. Find a large round hat box and decorate it as you like. Decoupage, lace, ribbons, make it look as you wish and then use it as a space to store your accessories, memories, keepsakes and trinkets. You might like to have a few of these to store letters and photos as well!

85. Find an old cigar box and make a cigar box purse! They’re a great size for your small necessities and can be made to look lovely with any outfit.

86. Stitch your own teddy bear, doll or rabbit. There are patterns in the Gosu Rori pattern mooks or you can create your own. You might like to make one sweet and another gothic to carry with you.

87. Why not have a lolita sleep-over? Invite over a few friends and watch lolita movies, eat yummy foods and tell each-other ghost stories. It’s also a great way to share hair and make-up tips, have fun curling each others hair and reading lolita magazines.

88. An easy cut-sew or lolita shirt can be made using your computer and printer! Create a design with lolita images like crowns, hearts and roses and add some text. Then print it out on to some iron on transfer paper which can be found at printing stores. Then all you have to do is iron it on to a t-shirt, skirt or cardigan!

89. Next time you take some photos of yourself in lolita wear, put them on your computer and try editing in Photoshop. Use sepia and black and white to make them look old, or diffuse glow to give them an ethereal quality. You might like to add little ornate frames or borders.

90. Spend some time with your grand-parents or other elderly relatives. You may find they appreciate your style more than anyone because it reflects what they wore when they were younger. Take them a nice home-baked gift and they might tell you a few stories in return.

91. Get some friends together for an afternoon of sewing and crafts. You can bring any outfits you’re working on and help each other out. If you don’t sew pick some other crafts to do together. Serve tea and sweet cakes.

92. Many lolita’s love sweets and candy, visit an old english sweet store and try sherbet lemons, peppermint humbugs and other old fashioned sweets. You might even like to make some yourself!

93. If it snows where you live, go ice skating in winter! This is quite a traditional past time and can be elegant as well as fun. Don’t forget your muffler!

Did I mention I also took figure skating lessons?

94. Find out if there are any historic homes around your area, especially those that have been preserved. Some will run tours and you can go and peek in the many rooms. This is a great way to see period furniture and pretty lolita decor.

My parents did this with me on very vacation.

95. Why not write a Lolita story? A short story or something longer if you have the time. You could include many Lolita themes, things like vampires, little girls, handsome men in top hats, a gothic london setting. Make your heroine a brave young girl with excellent fashion sense.

96. Find yourself a pretty charm bracelet. It can be a lot of fun to find lolita charms to add to it, keys, hearts, crowns, bows, butterflies. It’s traditional to buy charms for special events too, to help you remember them.

I have, but I don't like it. I keep threatening to get another one, if I could find the right one.

97. Next holiday season hold a Lolita themed secret santa. Write down the names of lolitas who want to participate and set a price limit for gifts. Then let everyone draw a name and make or buy a lolita-themed gift for their secret friend. Just don’t tell anyone who you have!

98. Find or make a special jewelery box for all your little treasures. You may be able to find some old ones that play music when you wind them, or decorate your own. Don’t forget a little mirror under the lid.

99. A fun activity for your next picnic or just a lovely way to spend a summer afternoon, blowing bubbles! Mix some dish washing detergent in water and put it in a tub, then shape your own bubble blowers out of pipe cleaners. See who can blow the biggest bubbles!

Who hasn't done this?

100. Pay a visit to your local zoo, it may form the perfect place for a picnic too. You might like to add an animal flair to your outfit for the day. Bunny eared hoods would be perfect.

Yes to part one, no way on this earth to part two.

101. The ultimate Lolita excursion is, of course, a trip to Japan! Make sure you plan well, pack well and spend well. And bring back plenty of pictures!

Of course, most of this stuff isn't Lolita specific. It's just more traditional, which is always nice.

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Like I was saying last night, anime culture has turned Lolita for my idea of it into a fashion thing, and something for teenage(annoying usually) girls to have an excuse to dress a certain style for. And that they usually don't know anything about it besides dress. They travel in flocks at conventions.

That being said, this is indeed an interesting new perspective on the subject. Perhaps enough to rid me of some of the atrocities I've seen try to wear Loli stuff in real life. Especially cat girl Loli I saw at an FYE event in a maid outfit and "neko" ears.

More importantly~

When are you going to present a good image of Lolita again? I mean, that's pretty much the most important one on the list. With black hair. And with pictures. Because gothic lolita is SO much better.

The Princess Portal blog was interesting overall.

And yes, I would love to see how the "real" Lolita culture works, not the American bastardization of that's somehow fused with an obsession of Japanese. For example, on 101? Japan wouldn't be the ultimate Lolita destination (except for an American Lolita otaku). It would probably be somewhere like France or England.

My cousin wore catgirl ears and couldn't understand why it wasn't cute.

I may try it soon. Honestly, I really do like that look and if I want to an anime con, I'd be very tempted to do a cosplay.

Also, I was totally a princess.

You're interesting overall! Wait, that didn't work out. It turned into a compliment.:(

Weeaboos piss me off. So much, so much. But still, I go to anime conventions and see "OMG KAWAII I KNOW TWO JAPANESE WORDS I LOVE LOLI CLOTHES LOLOMGBBQ". I am bitter, I know, but it's like... annoying.

Wait, she wore them and couldn't understand why it was cute? I have no problem with catgirl ears. I wholeheartedly think a lot of the girls that rock them look REALLY cute with them. They actually had a lot of cute colored ones with little ribbons at Tekkoshocon. It's a good alternative to cosplay. BUT- an annoying maid girl who yells about glomping with cat girl ears on claiming to be loli and eating all the pocky samples at FYE = bad. VERY bad.

Haha. Just don't make the outfit yourself. You'd kill yourself with all the detailing. Lucky for you, loli fashion stuff is most likely very available on the net.

When? Because this one time, like, two months ago, I had a dream I visited you and you were totally a princess with this like, set of high stools lined up in a path claiming that I needed to get across and not fall to be elegant or something. There was a castle at the end or something. GUESS WHO FELL!? XD
I guess you can't put the princess in tomboy, or something like that.

Sorry, why it *wasn't* cute to were catgirl ears. She was wearing jeans and a t-shirt with a plastic headband on her head that has plush ears on it. Sorry, not cute.

Catgirl ears are like anything else: Some people can pull off wearing them and look nothing short of adorable. Some people wear them and look like idiots. And I guarantee that you could stand in a busy section of an anime con for hours and never figure out why that is.

Also, I think it's a matter of appropriateness. At con, yes. FYE? Probably not.

(That said, I'm totally cosplaying when I go to see the last HP movie.)

I would definitely not make it myself. I ordered the first one (including petticoats and bloomers). That was what I used for my Little Red Riding Hood outfit. I just need a nice cape, a la Call Me When You're Sober. (That said, I think my wolf shots are much better than hers. =p)

1991. Daniel Boone Festival Princess. It's a long and funny story.

Seriously? I love that dream. BUT I would never do that to you. Also, your princess in tomboy was funny because of this this.

I'll respond to the rest of your comment in a bit, but what time are we PLAYING!?!?!? AHH!! :D


It'll have to be later tonight, ten-ish. And I realized that i don't have a headset here! I may pick up an extra, depending on the price.

Okie dokie, I'm doing some preppin' stuff right now anyways.

Oh, sweet. I can burn you without remorse.:P You could use AIM maybe then while we play? :)

I may do that.

I have to go pick up an interesting package that just arrived today. Someone may get something special for Valentine's Day after all...

You will do that. You will do that. You will do that. (/Jedi mind trick)

Oh, really? So you finally got a beau? :D

PICS plz

Oh, it's cause it's your cousin! You can't be checking that out.;p Let's see you in cat ears. I'm sure you'd look at least a bit cute. Come onnn. Maybe they were just a bad sort of them. The ones I saw at Setsucon, like I said, were very cute.:)

I'd probably look like an idiot in cat ears, but honestly, I would like to try them someday I think. If only for Steph's satisfaction. You're lucky, you could pull it off no problem. And then you don't spend $100-$140 on a costume.;p

Oh man, it's a matter of personality for me. The girl at FYE was rude, pushy, and obnoxious. That's what gets me. It's all in someone's mannerisms. I think that's where my disdain of yaoi fangirls started(at my first con, Otakon, I got plowed over by AH MY GAH NARUSASU DOUJIN I NEED) quite rudely. And also an early dislike of some yuri fans from the booth there, where a woman tried to convince me to buy a miscolored Neptune/Saturn fanart sticker. If they can't be bothered to check their sources, I wasn't going to buy from them. The woman says to me since I'm with my female room mate "But what about your friend, I mean, buy one for her!" She assumed we were dating. So I just say "Look, I love her. But not THAT much, and I 180'd and stormed off. I can be so mean.:(

That sounds like fun. I wish I had gotten into HP more back in the day. I'm too behind now. I'd be like a poser.

That was such a cute outfit. I seriously was like WHOA! when I saw it. There's your award winning ego.;)

LOL. I know this is SO bad, but back then you really were loli. Wonderful. I used to get hauled off to that junk when I was little, and forced into dresses. Now I'm all about being comfy.

Why would I lie? There was more in it too, but that part was relevant. I never told you before because I woke up creeped out myself and thought it was so weird. Yeah, right. You'd come up with something more convoluted than that is why.

Sorry, I'm not secretly wanting to be a princess anytime soon. It involves too much for me. I had my princess stage already, much to mom's delight at the time. Though, I do dress up nice some days when I get in a really good mood when I wake up.

OH MY CHEESE-ITS I messed that up!

Neptune/Uranus!!! My bad!:D

....Okay, I'm severely confused. The only "Lolita" lifestyle I know of involves pedophiles. This is obviously something else. Explanation, please??

You're asking for it. :-)

From the Wikipedia entry:

Lolita (ロリータ・ファッション, Rorīta fasshon?) is a fashion subculture in Japan that is primarily influenced by Victorian children's clothing as well as costumes from the Rococo period. Lolita has made this into a unique fashion by adding gothic and original design elements to the look. From this, Lolita fashion has evolved into several different sub styles and has created a devoted subculture in Japan. The Lolita look consists primarily of a knee length skirt or dress, headdress, blouse, petticoat, knee length socks or stockings and rocking horse or high heel/platform shoes. Teddy bears and dolls such as Super Dollfies are often carried to emphasize the childlike look.

The best description I've heard is that they're trying to look both cute and elegant. This music video has the hair, outfits, and cuteness. Anyway, like all things Japanese, this was brought over and developed a freakishly devoted fanbase. And for the American version, fangirl Japanese stuff is also liberally added. Hence Ashely's comments about the "atrocities." :-)

Totally unrelated, but are you following the Wal-Mart greeter vs cop lawsuit?

No, I haven't heard of it. What's up?

Incidentally, if you've read the Twilight series, you must go here. It's a discussion of all the tortfeasors in the series.;)

I've seen it but I haven't read it yet. I picked it up, but I can't bring myself to do it. :-)

Also: Wal-Mart Greeter Sues Chattanooga and Chattanooga Police Detectives for $21,000,000. Basically, a Wal-Mart greeter asked to see receipts from two out-of-uniform police officers (I think they were on duty, according to one thing I read). When one officer didn't comply, the greeter either touched/grabbed him (Tort!!!) and the officer responded by shoving him. The guy has filed federal suit against both officers and the Chattanooga police department.

Of course, no new story actually gives the legal theories of the suit. He's apparently claiming a civil rights violation, so my mind went to 1983, but I don't see how you'd get color of law out of it. I'm just morbidly curious.

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