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Feeling a Moody
[Misc] Flowers
I came across a bunch of great Domino icon linked from stacyx's journal. There were a lot of great expressions, so my first thought was "Custom Mood Theme!" I've got part of it up and I'm probably going to try to fill in a few blanks by looking for other pictures later.

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That pleased one has a "you gonna get raped" tinge to it. How appropriate!

Though, your mood theme is cool. I approve.

I'm going to hollah at you later. I owe you a few vengeful strikes at Uno, maybe 4 asshole moves. And another one for me falling asleep on my keyboard!:D

I also picked up the Sega Tennis game, so we could try that, too.

Yay!!! I'm so excited.:D

Feel free to hate me, but I'm behind on my studying so I won't be able to get on tonight. We should be able to do something next weekend, though. I'll have everything together by then.

You're so silly sometimes.:P

Of course I won't hate you. I want you to get back on top of your studies as well... ever since you said you were under the impression you couldn't succeed(which was false, by the way).

Thanks for telling me, however.:)

I'm awesome with next weekend, I think. I'm absent-minded, so please forgive me if I say otherwise later on if I forgot something.

That's awesome. There should be more Domino in the world. :)

I fully agree with that. I had heard rumors she'd be appearing in Uncanny after #500, but looks like it was a lie! On the plus side, she appeared in Wolverine and the X-Men.

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