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The Horse Is the Thing with Horns That Says Moo, Right?
[Misc] Flowers
I need a good horse icon.

I finally made it over to the barn today, after a being off for a month due to my schedule not working with Wayne's. It was a great day for riding.

I was given the choice between Blackie and Dreamer. I *should* have picked Dreamer, but I took the easy way out since it has been about a month.

The lesson was a little interesting, since Wayne had brought the broodmares into the indoor arena, so they were in sort of a run to the side of it. I made the mistake (and my trainer sadistically said nothing) of trying to do circles, arcs, and counterarcs very close to the mares. We had some attention problems there. Blackie decided to be a dirty old man and try to pick up chicks on the job. :-)

All in all, it went fine, with a nice little jog at the end. The problem with Blackie is that riding him is like a chess game: He's not a bad horse and if you ride properly,l he'll do exactly what you ask, but he's constantly looking for a sign of weakness or evidence that you won't follow through with what you're asking.


Supernatural is a great show. They usually have really amazing episodes, but when they have a bad episode, it's really bad.

What was wrong with this week's episode?

1. The Dean/Sam/Ruby thing. First, Dean wakes up to hear Sam on the phone with Ruby, asking about her progress with finding Lilith and telling her they hadn't made any progress either. Den pretends he didn't hear it and Sam lies when he was asked what he was doing.


They're overplaying the Ruby thing. Yes, she has problems, but even Dean realizes that she's at least somewhat trustworthy and that she shares a common goal with them. Why would he freak out at Sam talking to one of the few people who can help? And why would Sam lie about it?

And the part where Dean takes Sam's phone, hits redial, then hangs up with Ruby answers. First, why would Dean need to confirm that Sam had talked to Ruby? Two, why would he hang up? Ruby knew Sam's phone called her, so she's probably going to ask Sam about it. And when you have a lifestyle where its' entirely possible that someone is trying to kill you and you're calling for help, isn't it kind of jerky to do a hangup call on that?

2. Dr. Red Herring. I liked her. Really I did. But could have been anymore clumsy with the misdirect? Clearly, she's the killer because she has a hyacinth in her office. I have several in my yard, does that make me a mass murder?

And Dean's "You C-Blocked me" comment. Just...no. First problem: I can see Dean saying cock block. I think we all can. But I can't see him saying "c-block." So, the attempt at making Dean sound edgy failed. Massively. Plus, why would he care if a random chick liked Sam better? He's not that neurotic.

3. The Monster of the Week. Siren. That's awesome! There's so much you can do with that. So why give it no backstory (besides a penchant for Disney Princesses: Ariel, Jasimine, Auroroa, and Belle. How could they leave out Mulan? Honestly, if I found a stripper named Mulan, I'd probably hang out with her), no clear motivation, and no clear M.O. First, she goes afTer married men by posing as a stripper. Right. Got it. It works. Then, she gets a son to kill his mother by posing as a stripper. Um...okay. Maybe? Then he enthralls Dean by posing as an FBI agent and tries to persuade him to kill Sam?

4. Wincest. Okay, are the writers seriously trying to push the Dean/Sam pairing? Yes, they are. How shall I count the ways?

First, Dean behaving like a betrayed girlfriend when he finds out Sam is calling Ruby. Seriously, redialing the last number on Sam's phone and then hanging up? Second, the fact that where normal men are enthralled by strippers, Dean is enthralled by a male FBI agent. Huh? Third, where the Siren wants most men to kill the most important woman in his life, he wants Sam and Dean to kill each other. Fourth, the homoerotic wrestling match at the end?

There were good moments, though. I thought the Disney Princess/stripper joke was amusing. I would have liked to see Dean make a smart remark about that. I loved Dean getting excited about strippers. And the Bobby stuff was great. I love the idea of Bobby having a phone for every federal agency. And I also loved how he rode in to save Dean and Sam.

But it still wasn't the strongest episode ever, in my opinion.

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My room mate's horse, Gunsmoke, actually does that according to her. She doesn't ride him anymore but when she did that's what happened.

I'm more surprised you didn't fall off the horse or something... weren't you exhausted? I was for a good bit of the day, however, I did fall asleep on a keyboard.

The perfect horse for you, miss calculating.

Sorry to hear the show went downhill for you some. It always seems to happen to good shows as time goes on. I never got to finish the first season because the discs from Family Video were scratched. Some episodes did work. My gambit so far was "Oh this is a cool episode" to "OH MY GOD I CAN'T WATCH HALF THIS EPISODE"(the Bloody Mary one especially, I hate mirrors in the dark and eye-blood), and "OMG LOL" episodes(the one with the town sacrifice episode with old, gay, hooky as me and Steph called the thing). So I'd be worried about me ever finishing just because I just get so unreasonable and scared.:P

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