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Not Bad
[Misc] Flowers
So I made it through another Monday. I was on time for Agency, which was a nice change. I actually talked to my Law of Health Care professor and explained my situation (that Family Law ended at 4:30 and it was physically impossible for me to pick Alley up from doggie day care and make it back on time and that not taking her to daycare on Mondays wasn't an option either because I was in class basically from 9 to 9. Well, 9 to 8:30, but still...

I'm tired because I didn't get enough sleep. I finally fell asleep at about 4:45AM and had to be up by about 7:45. I feel pretty good, though, and I think part of it was the fact that I ate really well today.

For those who care...

8:00AM - Small bottle of 7-UP (I was feeling sick.)

9:00AM - Greek yogurt with strawberry flavoring, green tea.

12:00PM - Mushroom burger patty with Swiss cheese on whole wheat bread with honey mustard; some carrots, squash, and brown rice I ate as I was prepping my dinner.

1:00PM - White tea.

2:00PM - Half a bag of Mini Chocolate Covered Graham Crackers

7:00PM - Brown rice, steamed butternut squash, carrots, grapes, 1 Light Laughing Cow Cheese, and two mini cupcakes.

It was a really healthy day of eating. I'm not worrying about calories because they were all good foods. I'd love to be able to eat like this every day, so I'm going to work on facilitating that. I'm also going to try not to undo all of it by eating a bunch of junk tonight.

I think that this justifies buying at least on bento box.

There's probably other stuff to day, but I'm really, really tired. I may try to go to be early tonight.

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... I despise you.

I wanted to get upset, since you didn't leave me a message or anything, I wanted to be all whiny- but when I saw your bedtime last night...

I just wanted to console you instead, of course. DAMN MY COMPASSION! Just like, squeeze you and go d'awww.

I went to bed at the same time last night. I was working on something and had drank two frappucinos and was therefore tweaking out. And I woke up pretty sick this morning too.

Needs more steak, personally. Just kidding. You ate so much better than me. I got Mexican for lunch and had a large hazelnut caramel latte, that's it all day.XD

Bento is hard to keep up. Just saying. It gets annoying cleaning the containers. I didn't believe Hemi when she told me until I tried.

Back to me emo-ing out because my onee-sama is a vampire and can't sleep during normal people hours so she can't spend time with her poor imouto.D:

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