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[Misc] Flowers
I'm reading Family Law and there's an excerpt from an article that claims that the main reason people who support gay rights disagree with gay "marriage" is that they somehow want to retain their superior position. The specific quote: "To a couple that gets married, marriage just looks ennobling...But stand outside of it and you see the implication: you and your relations are less worthy."

This brought to mind the opinion on Plessy v. Ferguson, the "separate but equal" case. It said, among other things, that if separating blacks and whites made blacks feel inferior, then it was because of the blacks' issues. If they automatically saw being put in a separate case as saying that they were less than white people, it was all in their head and therefore their problem. If you made all the white people ride in a separate car, then they would just say "Oh, look, see how special we are? We get our own car."

Obviously, that's stupid. (Well, the last part may have a bit of merit... ;-)) Still, it raises an interesting issue on marriage, especially in light of another quote that basically said "In the early days, gay rights was about the right to be different. Now it's about the right to be the same."

Basically, we have a battleground in that area of gay rights and gay marriage has more or less become a huge prize to both sides, regardless of actual opinions. In short, we've created a situation where those supporting gay marriage see it as the last bastion of inequality while those who oppose it see it as the last real way to protect traditional values and what's right. The other merits of marriage get brought up every now and then, but it seems like a good portion of the fighting is over the symbolic nature of marriage.

But I happen to know that not everyone in a committed relationship wants to get married. That goes for both straight and gay couples. So is this an actual case of what they discussed in Plessy? Is the fact that some people are fighting so hard for same-sex marriage having a secondary effect of perpetuating the belief among same-sex couples that until the have that right, then their relationship will somehow never be truly equal?

And this may or may not make sense and I may completely disagree with everything I wrote tomorrow. It's late, I'm tired, and I wrote this quickly, mainly because it was an interesting thought and I want to hold on to it to consider it more later.

Still, I think it's worth considering.

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They have better things than me! I'm so upset! What can't I get that too? *whine whine whine*

Yeahhhh. Screw that. I don't really care about titles at all.:o

As for gays sullying marriage, I think there's also quite a few straight couples doing that as well, so I just chuckle.

Well, you already know how I feel, so.:O

Opinion 180-er!

Yeah, I never am clear exactly what the person who is arguing for "protecting" marriage is using to define protecting marriage.

But you're a woman! You're supposed to get married! Even gay women want to get married! The article said so. *rolls eyes*

I just don't care. If you want to get married, do it. IT SHOULD BE THAT EASY DAMN IT

I do want to get married! That's why me and Steph are going to marry the same guy! It'll be perfect! We already decided last night at dinner.:)


Yeah.... I don't know where to start responding to that.


I wasn't serious. C'monnnnn~

Our guy friend is having terrible troubles with a too serious girlfriend, so we just wanted to make him laugh.

But here's an honest insight from my own arsenal. I did used to dream of getting married, which did make me a bit emo a couple years ago to think about that I never could. So I guess I'm just one bad statistic.:(

But now, I'm just going with the flow.

I'm not sure how being married to you and Steph would make a situation better, but it does sound rather funny.

Well, to me, there's the wedding and there's the marriage. You can still have a wedding if you want and hopefully, in the future, there will be an acceptable legal status for you.

Well... I've known Derek for about three years. He's like a little brother to me.:)

I met him through my friend, who's his ex-girlfriend now. She got jealous of me being friends with him. So, eventually, he came to sleep in mine and Steph's tiny dorm room in a normal hall every night like... when I was a sophomore. On cold tile floor, but he didn't mind. We shared shower gel! And I did his hair in the morning(lol, he has the girliest looking hair ever, a beautiful strawberry red with natural blonde highlights). That's deep. And stay up until 4 AM every night talking. XD

So when he got hurt by his current girlfriend, we just wanted to be there to support him. And who could stand there and not help after a line like "You guys are my longest-standing friends up here. I trust you completely."

Eh. I don't mind. Whatever happens, happens. I don't need a marriage or whatever you want to call it honestly. I'm happy now, I could be happy if nothing changed(but if it does that's cool too). Am I too laid back?

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