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[Misc] Flowers
As you know, I've been doing the 101 Projects in 1001 Days challenge. I'm also working on how to say it/type it correctly the first time and not flip the numbers.

The challenge itself is a great idea. I'm way behind on it, but I do like how it's at least made me make plans for doing things I've always talked about doing yet somehow never done.

My problem? The comm itself.

First, it's spammy as hell. It's a huge comm and there are over two thousand members. Right now, mission101_2009 has 5 of the last 20 entries on my FList. The only reason it's less is fanfictrants and that it's a slow day. Sometimes, it makes up more than half of the latest updates.

Second, a good number of posters do not get the concept of LJ cuts or overall good manners. Today, I found this post, featuring a Tasmanian devil with a facial cancer that was not under an LJ cut. And while it didn't gross me out, it was gross. Between the long blocks of text and the potentially offensive things with no cut, it's getting really annoying. On the flip side, there are the people who post the entire thing under a cut without any descriptive text, so I can't see if it's worth clicking on the link or not.

And yes, I realize there's the option of not watching the comm or taking it off my default list, but then what's the point in being in the comm?

The picture really has me steamed, because very few things make me more frustrated than when someone graphically describes their "worthy cause" to guilt everyone into supporting it, because how can you see/hear about it and not do something?

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I don't know what you'll think of my opinion, so.

I never joined because I never felt the need to. Our personal touch base group is all I need for it. I think it's important to share goals, and while sharing things like weight loss goals work well with strangers, I think the 101 lists are a lot more personal and conflicting resulting in much drama over on that community. Also, as selfish and ignorant as it may be, I don't care that much about the goals of strangers. And I don't care for them to know mine. I care that my friends do, definitely.

I also enjoy having a friends list page I can check.

"And yes, I realize there's the option of not watching the comm or taking it off my default list, but then what's the point in being in the comm?"

Sometimes, you just have to not watch a community. I know it sounds stupid. I took both girl_gamers and wow_ladies off of my friends list. It was spammed, the posts were often filled with drama. It was either that, or repetitive posts that I didn't need to read about someone's guild or boyfriend drama. I still am in those, and I found a good friend from girl_gamers; however, I click them at my own leisure from my bookmarks.

No one can force you into anything. They can't force you, especially. I know this.

Aw....that's sweet.

And I think you're right on the rest. I care about some of the goals, but some are goals that at best I don't care about and at worst thing are stupid or disagree strongly with.

I've taken several groups off my watch list and still check in now and again. Still, I think the nature of this community is that if you're not active in it and getting and giving support, there's not much reason to be part of it. Sooo...I don't know where to go with it.

I'm glad my post didn't come off as bitchy. Reading back over it, it seems very cold.

I never joined the community, so I don't know, honestly. I just try to update my blog for it every once and a while when I get some things done. I think it's working for me.

But, I have low idiot tolerance. If I had joined that community, I probably would have ended up in some stupid fight with someone I disagreed with heavily.

I honestly could never see the appeal for those groups, so I can't really comment on it.

However, the spamming thing is annoying, and I can understand why you would be upset with that. In all honesty, because of problems I've had with certain communities posting too much, I finally decided to either stop watching them (and clicking on their community when I had time to go through things) or putting them on a seperate filter like I have now. That way I don't lose friend entries to them, and I have the communities a lot more organized.

Well, I'm not seeing the appeal for it, either. I had hoped that I would meet people with similar goals and make new friends, but I haven't seen anything that impresses me that much. Mostly, it's boring updates of "Oh, look, I did this today!"

I think I should at least try putting it on a separate filter and checking it frequently. I like to at least try to read and comment on friend entries (if I have something worth saying) and I don't like the idea of friends' updates getting pushed out by this.

That's the biggest drawback with them it seems. You think you can connect with a lot more people than you can, but there's a lot of filtering through for the few that you really like and are interested in.

I'd definitely recommend the filter if you want to keep watching it. I never realized how handy they could be until I started using them.

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