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All the President's Men
[Misc] Flowers
As I mentioned earlier, one of my 101 goals was to watch all the movies on the AFI Top 100 List. I'm combining both the original and tenth anniversary so that I can avoid certain movies I really don't want to see (Silence of the Lambs, for instance) and movies that aren't readily available.

Tonight, Dad and I decided to try out the Netflix on XBox Live. He hadn't seen All the President's Men, so that's what we watched. It was rated #77 on the tenth anniversary list.

When I rated it on Netflix, I gave it three stars. It just didn't jump out at me. Frankly, I thought it was a little boring. Maybe I just didn't understand the inherent greatness of the movie. Oh, well...

One I will give the movie credit for is the fact that they actually told the story. I hate when the writers try to make a movie based on actual events more interesting by adding a side plot (usually a romantic interest) to make the movie more interesting. They didn't do that here and I'm impressed by that.

But that's it. Overall, I'm glad I watched it, but it's not one I'd rewatch. So far, the list is off to an inauspicious start.

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... But I love Silence of the Lambs =/

I find that popular ≠ good. I'm not sure I ever saw AtPM, but based on the title alone, it's not my kind of movie.

I have a block against Silence of the Lambs. My dad watched it when I was 15 and I heard part of it and it freaked me out. Although, I was thinking it tonight and I don't see why I won't watch it, since I love shows like Criminal Minds.

Popular is a problem, but "critically acclaimed" is another no go sometimes. It's almost worse, because if you don't like popular, it's a matter of taste, but if you don't like something that's "critically acclaimed," then you clearly don't understand its greatness and the fault lies with you.

Haha, I remember that my ex's dad used to buy this tv-guide kind of thing and he'd refuse to watch anything that got five stars because "sometimes it's just too good to be any fun". XD

I generally like to make up my own mind. Unfortunately my mind is different than a lot of people's it appears. :S Like, apparently I have thing for High School things :S (e.g. 10 Things I Hate About You). I'm just... entertained by them. And it appears to be somewhat bad taste. -_-

But why are people surprised anyway? I write Harry Potter fan fiction with Draco sexing up Hermione. I think one or two people might lose all respect for me if they knew.

I think there's some merit to that, especially when a movie gets so much hype. I think that's why some of the die-hard HP fans have so much trouble with the movies: They get this insane idea of what the movie should be in relation to the book and then can't just step back and enjoy the movie as a movie.

I have a guilty pleasure on high school things, too. I'll freely admit that a lot of the movies I like aren't good by any stretch of the word, but I enjoy them, so that's all the matters. (I'm currently watching a Hallmark movie starring Catherine Bell. :-))

And yes, if people knew how my mind worked, I'd probably be shunned completely.

Oh wow, you're working on a goal. That's cool.

How is Netflix on XBox live? I always see Hemi on that damn thing.

I have terrible movie tastes, BTW. So I have no other things of substance to say.=p

If you gold account and a Netflix account, then you can watch any movie that's available online through your 360. It's very cool.

I bet Netflix costs a pretty penny, right?XD

If you can get any movie. Unless you pay per movie.:)

It varies. The most expensive (8 out at a time...why?!?!) is $47.99. The cheapest unlimited one is $8.99 for one out at a time, which also includes online viewing. It's not that bad, especially if you watch a lot of movies. I currently have three at a time for $16.99, but since I don't watch many, I'm looking into cutting back to two or even one.

Oh man... I have dollar rentals down the street.>->



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