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I'm Back
[Misc] Flowers
Or so Wayne says...

First, I finished rereading Half-Blood Prince.

Every time someone said "Snape killed Dumbledore" in the book, my mind went to this, so instead of appreciating the true tragedy of what happened, I wound up giggling hysterically. I'm going to work on finishing DH tonight.

Second, riding lesson today. It was probably my best one in a long time. Blackie was in a fairly cooperative mood. He actually jogged and then trotted today without me even having to really ask for it, which was nice. I corrected a couple of posture things (dropping my right shoulder, not keeping my left leg on the horse as much as I should), which made a huge difference.

It was about 40 degrees today and since there's no sunlight in the arena, it felt more like 35, so I didn't push it too hard. Wayne said my posture was nice and relaxed, but I felt really stiff and tense from the cold. Also, even though my hands weren't cold or stiff, everything else was....especially my hips and thighs. I also wasn't sure Blackie wasn't stiff (given his age), so I took it really easy. It was mostly walking with a bit of trotting and jogging thrown in. I did four-leaf clovers, figure eights, and serpentines. At the end, Wayne wanted me to stop Blackie right in front of him, but he moved a lot. Usually, he'll just back up a bit and move side to side, but today he actually ran around the ring, so I really had to chase him. I actually had to go at a trot and at one point, Blackie did this awesome cow horse "to the side" move. My only regret was that I wasn't riding Reno, Becky's horse. According to Becky, you can't work Wayne like a cow on Reno because Reno gets too excited and tries to bite and actually pins Wayne against the fence.

That would have been so fun today. *evil smile*

Overall, I'm just really impressed with my ride today, not because I did anything, but because I had such great focus. I kept looking to where I was riding, not at the horse. I didn't push myself because it was cold and I wanted to have a nice easy ride where I didn't set myself up to fail on, which I accomplished.

On a side note, Dreamer has moved. He's not being boarded at Wayne's, because his owner thinks they can do it cheaper. I'm kind of sad about that, because even though I had trouble with Dreamer's trot, he was a great horse.

Also, I feel insanely hypocritical, but I broke down and bought a Wii today. I'll probably keep it at my apartment, just to exercise with.

So, that's my very boring day.

Oh, and I had pizza for supper. It was good.

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Riding? What style, English (as I assume) or...?

Western, actually. :-) The guy I ride with isn't really dogmatic about styles (he's ridden at national levels on both English and Western), but he definitely tends toward Western.

Ah, okay. My mother did English and dressage, even though she sometimes rode Western style (especially for things like trail rides), so I know only a few things.

Dude, I remember when that spoiler first launched.XD

Ytmnd.com was SPAMMED so HARD with GIFs and soundbytes.:D
My favorite was where they photoshopped their heads onto Aeris and Sephiroth!! XD

So you improved your riding again? That's good to hear. I know you say you didn't, but improving control seems just as important as learning new things.

And, your evil is still there. That must mean you're alright.

Why are you hypocritical for buying a Wii? Although, it pales in comparison to the 360... you do seem to like cutesy games more often than not, so maybe you're fine. You and buying gadgets!!! Addict! As long as you don't expect Wii Fit to be miracle weightloss, you should be fine. I hear the hula hoop game is brutal though, if you really get into it.

How in the hell is that a boring day?

I bet it was VEGGIE PIZZA. Muahahaha. Well, in all seriousness, I don't eat meat on my pizza. Like, ever. I don't like pepperoni or ham or sausage on mine. Sometimes chicken.:D

It was pretty darn funny, wasn't it?

Yeah... I was going to argue that I didn't improve it, but I think it really was improvement. I think when you realize where you're making mistakes and then fix it, it's definitely improvement. Maybe the best kind, even though it isn't always dramatic.

I feel like I've criticized it a lot (and I stand by the criticisms in a lot of cases), but I'm very curious! It could be fun. And I'm not expecting a lot from Wii Fit, but it'll be a good way of moving around a little when I wouldn't otherwise.

I do like gadgets. I don't realize how much I like them until I actually get them. I usually just get curious!

It was. Actually, it was just mushrooms...that's all I had and I didn't want cheese pizza.

Pfft. I own one and I bash it to hell.:)
So you're fine.

Like Steph said in our argument, I'm just a "disgruntled dorky hardcore gamer", and Nintendo will never care about me because there's a huge casual market to be had with the Wii. And so, I just kind of accepted that. It's true.:P

Wii Fit probably isn't THAT bad. I don't know about that price tag though.:P

Your gadget/new stuff to buy thing is cute though. I mean, if you can, why not? I know I'd be buying a lot more if I could just to try it.

Finally, someone else who likes mushrooms on pizza. You'd think it'd be common, but all my friends crack on me for it. And I never get to get them when we pitch in for pizza. But I always win the no pepperoni and no sausage battle! I can't stand that stuff on my pizza. My favorite pizza toppings are probably onions, peppers, and broccoli, and stuff. Isn't that weird?

Though I do mutilate the occasional meat for taco pizza.:D

I think you're dead right on the Wii. I can't necessarily blame them for that, but I wonder if it's a smart decision. I think it's great that Nintendo is smart enough to focus on that niche of the market (which has previously been ignored), but that segment is notoriously fickle and will happily jump on the next big thing. What's going to happen when the hardcore gamers have gone over to the 360?

I wish I could share my new toys with you. It would be a lot more fun that way.

We'd get along great with pizza. Tomatoes are good on it, too, I think, but canned tomatoes are almost better. You have to drain it. I often get a plain cheese pizza frozen and then just add whatever topping I think will be good.

I'll bet you could make a good taco pizza with veggie crumbles.

Can you believe I got in a shouting match over it? Not even a joking one. "BUT JUST BECAUSE IT WORKS DOESN'T MAKE IT RIGHT TO ME!" And then the replies of "BUT IT'S BUSINESS IT'S BUSINESS!" For the record, I don't care about how much money Nintendo makes if they're not going to do something REALLY nice with it.

Yeah, that's what I was aiming at. The Wii is a fad more than a console anymore. And it's sad, because I was earnestly excited when I got mine. Now it happily collects dust under my X-Box, only used to use the Homebrew(game emulator) channel to play SNES stuff.

Aww. You have toys too!?! Any action figures?!?! ;p
No, but that would be cool. It sucks you live so far away! Well, I guess not really in looking at how things COULD be. I mean, we're quite close actually. Well dammit.

Oh yeah! Tomatoes! I knew I'd forget stuff.

I dunno! I'm not opposed though. Anything taco pizza is awesome.

I've heard of sillier fights.

The emulator sounds cool.

Some, I think. And stuffed animals.

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