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I'm Back
[Misc] Flowers
Or so Wayne says...

First, I finished rereading Half-Blood Prince.

Every time someone said "Snape killed Dumbledore" in the book, my mind went to this, so instead of appreciating the true tragedy of what happened, I wound up giggling hysterically. I'm going to work on finishing DH tonight.

Second, riding lesson today. It was probably my best one in a long time. Blackie was in a fairly cooperative mood. He actually jogged and then trotted today without me even having to really ask for it, which was nice. I corrected a couple of posture things (dropping my right shoulder, not keeping my left leg on the horse as much as I should), which made a huge difference.

It was about 40 degrees today and since there's no sunlight in the arena, it felt more like 35, so I didn't push it too hard. Wayne said my posture was nice and relaxed, but I felt really stiff and tense from the cold. Also, even though my hands weren't cold or stiff, everything else was....especially my hips and thighs. I also wasn't sure Blackie wasn't stiff (given his age), so I took it really easy. It was mostly walking with a bit of trotting and jogging thrown in. I did four-leaf clovers, figure eights, and serpentines. At the end, Wayne wanted me to stop Blackie right in front of him, but he moved a lot. Usually, he'll just back up a bit and move side to side, but today he actually ran around the ring, so I really had to chase him. I actually had to go at a trot and at one point, Blackie did this awesome cow horse "to the side" move. My only regret was that I wasn't riding Reno, Becky's horse. According to Becky, you can't work Wayne like a cow on Reno because Reno gets too excited and tries to bite and actually pins Wayne against the fence.

That would have been so fun today. *evil smile*

Overall, I'm just really impressed with my ride today, not because I did anything, but because I had such great focus. I kept looking to where I was riding, not at the horse. I didn't push myself because it was cold and I wanted to have a nice easy ride where I didn't set myself up to fail on, which I accomplished.

On a side note, Dreamer has moved. He's not being boarded at Wayne's, because his owner thinks they can do it cheaper. I'm kind of sad about that, because even though I had trouble with Dreamer's trot, he was a great horse.

Also, I feel insanely hypocritical, but I broke down and bought a Wii today. I'll probably keep it at my apartment, just to exercise with.

So, that's my very boring day.

Oh, and I had pizza for supper. It was good.

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Can you believe I got in a shouting match over it? Not even a joking one. "BUT JUST BECAUSE IT WORKS DOESN'T MAKE IT RIGHT TO ME!" And then the replies of "BUT IT'S BUSINESS IT'S BUSINESS!" For the record, I don't care about how much money Nintendo makes if they're not going to do something REALLY nice with it.

Yeah, that's what I was aiming at. The Wii is a fad more than a console anymore. And it's sad, because I was earnestly excited when I got mine. Now it happily collects dust under my X-Box, only used to use the Homebrew(game emulator) channel to play SNES stuff.

Aww. You have toys too!?! Any action figures?!?! ;p
No, but that would be cool. It sucks you live so far away! Well, I guess not really in looking at how things COULD be. I mean, we're quite close actually. Well dammit.

Oh yeah! Tomatoes! I knew I'd forget stuff.

I dunno! I'm not opposed though. Anything taco pizza is awesome.

I've heard of sillier fights.

The emulator sounds cool.

Some, I think. And stuffed animals.

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