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[Misc] Flowers
I just finished reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. And I even got new icons to celebrate!

I actually read this one straight through, since I hadn't even gone for a speed time on an HP book before. I started at about 11 PM and I finished at around 5:10AM...so it took me a little under 6 hours and 15 minutes.

Overall, I wasn't impressed. I'm sure I could find ten fan fictions depicting the last battle that were ten times better.

I was glad Snape turned out to be good, but that played out pretty much the way most Snape fans had predicted. Big shock. Same with Draco and who RAB was...fandom pretty much called both of those five minutes after the book was out.

The book had some interesting parts, but I got really tired of reading about just Harry, Hermione, and Ron...especially when it involved them wondering aimlessly in the wilderness.

Deaths... I was spoiled for two: Dobby and Tonks. Oh, and Colin Creavy, but does that really count? "Oh, yeah, by the way, the guy that got a ton of attention in one book, a little in another, and none after that? Yeah, he died. Tragic, huh? But that's how those Gryffindors roll." I thought it was a pretty big cop out, though. Based statements I'd heard interviews, I was fairly certain that at least one of the main three would die, and barring that, at least Neville. I guess Snape and Lupin count as major characters, but when they got so little attention in the novel? It really minimizes the impact.

Narcissa surprised me a bit. Kreacher definitely surprised me...and the image of house elves chopping at ankles with cleavers was great.

The epilogue wasn't needed. Or else it needed more. I don't know.

On the one hand, I'm glad I've finally read it and don't have to worry about getting spoiled for it. On the other hand, I understand why I put it off so long. Based on vague comments made by people, I had a fairly good idea that I wasn't going to like it that much. Until I read it, I could at least hope I'd get more satisfaction out of it. Now, though...

Oh, well. This is why we have fan fic.

Also, I've now finished one of my 101 goals!

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I'm sorry you weren't impressed, haha.

You need an icon for like "BrooKiki does not approve!" or something. That'd be hilarious.XD

But, I've been thinking more often than not recently, and I'll probably grab the books I'm missing over summer break, and finish too.:)

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