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Is There a Suitable Punishment?
[Misc] Flowers
I'm bad with names and spellings of names. Sometimes I just misspell the name, other times I just accidentally make a typo. Usually, if I'm not sure, I'll try to double check the source, but some times something slips through the cracks.

Like Stephenie Meyer. For some reason, I thought it was Stephanie Meyers. I'm not a huge fan of the series and I'm only reading the first book out of curiosity. I don't hate it, but I can tell it's not going to be one of my favorite books. I suppose that I've seen it in print several times because of all the publicity the books and movie have received, but I honestly can't remember seeing it.

When I realized I'd made the mistake, at first I felt pretty bad and embarrassed by it, since I clearly would have discovered the information with a brief search. Then I thought about it for all of thirty second and decided "So what?"

If I die tomorrow and the worst thing that people can say about me is "She got the name of the author of Twilight wrong," then I'll consider it a life well-lived.

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I honestly think it's worse when someone says they read all the books and watched the movie etc and still they can't get the name right.

Bonus if they visit her website.

Double bonus if they write Twilight fan fiction.

Don't feel bad. Stephanie is the "standard" spelling of the name, and how the overwhelming majority of people with that name spell it.

Who cracked on you for that? A rabid fangirl? Or did anyone make a comment at all?

Stephanie Meyer, since I refuse to spell it the other way, is hardly deserving my respect to spell her name correctly.:P
I'm also lazy, and never noticed it was that other way.

Though from what we've talked about I seem to be a very rabid anti-fan of the series, it's part an act of course. I live for the lolz, I love to make people laugh!=)

But in seriousness, like I was telling you that one night on the phone, I've actually read all the books, and I enjoyed the first 3. I must admit, Bella is drab to me, but I did like Alice, Esmee, Rosalie, and Leah(who you will meet later). But the problem of it all is, Meyer only hones her genitals in on Bella and Edward for the most part. Perhaps what kills me the most is the potential to do so much with these other characters that never really comes to fruition at all. The 4th book was wrapped up hastily, and a huge plot point remains unsolved at the end, with the 4th being the last this is just stupid to me.

So, Stephenie Meyer's name isn't important.

BUT, I will hunt you down and tear up your things if you misspell my name! See how that works? I prioritize myself as being important. It's okay, I probably can't say your last name right.=p

"Thought about it for all of thirty seconds."

Just kidding.=p

(Deleted comment)
YES. OMG. That's the BIGGEST point to be made out of this, as to why it slays young teenagers everywhere!


Bella Swan describes herself as "I suck, school sucks, man I just don't care" kind of attitude, and most EVERY girl is like "OH SISTAH I FEEL YOU I FEEL THE LIGHT!!! I TOO FEEL IMPOVERISHED AND IMPRISONED IN MY DAILY LIFE!"

It's IRL Mary Sue-ing. It's sick to me.

"7.)She takes all of her cool and interesting characters and just ignores them or under utilizes them so that she can spend more time talking about how delightful Edward's amber orbs and oddly nice smelling breath are. (Of note: ... why does he need to breathe as he is undead AND why would his breath smell nice he has coagulating animal blood in his digestive tract?)"

BIGGEST FAIL FACTOR EVER. That's what I'm saying! Alice should get her own damn book! Edward is such a flaky character too, for the amount of book-time is spent on him. I feel like he didn't grow throughout anything.

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