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Why I Hate Elections
[Misc] Flowers
I'm not talking about the big ones (I think I made it clear why I hate those elections about six months ago). I'm talking about the small ones, like school elections. They suck. And we're currently in the middle of them right now.

It's student body elections at the law school, which means that everyone is out in full force. It's honestly a bit nauseating to see how people are blatantly trying to buy votes. One group set up a fondue station.

I was in the library trying to find my study group and some guy handed me a paper and asked if I'd voted yet. I told him I had and wished him good luck. He asked "Any of the names on the list?" I just smiled and said it was a secret.

I didn't and I'm glad I didn't. I mean, I get wanting to be elected, but putting someone on the spot like that (especially when they're busy) is just not cool at all.

I renew all my complaints about law students. A good number of us really are obnoxious human beings that will probably only get worse as time passes.

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Personally I like the 'See How Many References to Phoenix Wright I Can Use/Do/Act Out' method.

(I have a friend in law school, third year, who has a shirt with Phoenix Wright silhouetted on the front with the caption 'iObject'.)

I really like the Godot shirt that's like that!!! A kid in my anime club has it.:D

It's so silly, is all I think. Especially the homecoming elections at IUP. Which are important because it's a pretty big party school.

I got swindled in the library for it last semester. They had a computer set up at the site to vote for it already, so I just went ahead and voted for it since it was there. I talked to the candidate, and wished her luck. I didn't give a shit about the election, but I don't know, it seemed to make her day, so I felt nice obliging her. I think Steph made a comment like "Ashley, you're really good with strangers" or something like that.:P

END POINT: I'm a dumb sap who just votes for whoever grabs me the hardest? At least for small things.

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