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So Far, Not So Bad
[Misc] Flowers
Well, except for Agency. But that went badly...

Anyway, I got in touch with the guy from the tennis club. Instead of going in for an evaluation, we just did it over the phone. I told him my experience and goals and we decided I should do the Beginner's Clinic to get a review. He told me that the people in that clinic were usually at least somewhat experienced.

Also, I was out walking around campus while I was on the phone and I ended up by this nice little pond with ducks. After the conversation, I went inside and grabbed a pizza and took it outside to eat it by the pond. (Well, I think it's techincally called a lake. What's the difference?) I finished my Family Law reading. It's a bit cool outside, but still fairly comfortable. Plus, it helped wake me up. I don't think I slept last night at all.

Still nearly eight more hours to go.