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SPN Is the Greatest
[Misc] Flowers
Riding day. It went well. I think Blackie may have had a bit of pain or stiffness today. Everything was great until I asked him to trot a bit. He sort of did, but it felt really scrunched up. (I really don't know how to explain it better than that.) Wayne kept saying there was nothing wrong, but finally I asked him to ride Blackie for a second just to see. Blackie did fine for him, so I tried again. Finally, I gave up on keeping him right on the rail and let him cut the pen a bit because I figured it was more important to work on speed. No problems there and Wayne figured it was because the ground on the inside was a bit softer. (Wayne also rode him to the inside of the pen, too.)

Today was a bit weird. Usually, Blackie will refuse to do stuff if he thinks I won't push him, but if I actually go to a quirt and really get after him, he gives up and does what I ask on the first try. Today, he wasn't outright refusing. If I asked him to trot, he did it. He'd definitely do it if I popped him with a quirt, but he was a bit draggy sometimes and getting after him again didn't do that much.

He was also a little difficult when I tried to do a rollback to the right. When I went to push him around, he would jerk at the bit a couple of times and even when he did it, it took a bit of pushing. (He did fine going to the left.) Wayne noticed the hesitation on the right, too.

Now, Supernatural. It's awesome. Today, they used a Kinks song on it! ("Well-Respected Man, as seen here) and they used Smith and Wesson for the boy's new last names (for the non-fans, it's actually "Winchester."). It's amazing and if you aren't watching it, you should be now.