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[Misc] Flowers
First, I played tennis last night. I got my racket back and it had white strings with a black grip. I was late because I missed an exit (long story), but I think I did pretty well. The pros teaching the class were pretty complimentary. My problem is that I'm a competitive perfectionist, so even though this is my second time playing in over ten years, it still kills me that other people play better than I do (even though most of them have been playing all year). Plus, I could get nine gorgeous hits and the tenth one that went badly is what's going to eat at me. I figure I have a choice between learning to live with my faults or getting really good at tennis. Care to guess which I'll choose?

Law school is a bit annoying. The problem is that, at least in one class, we have to work in groups. My schedule is such that I have trouble meeting with them in person. However, instead of doing it by email (which would be just as easy) they still want to meet in person which means I feel left out and like I'm not doing my fair share. Frustrating.

I talked to Bec on the phone for the first time since we had our argument. It was a decent discussion (if a bit long), so I think that door is back open.

Also, I had a great idea for a HP fic. It would be sort of long and involved, but I'm just excited enough to work on it.

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You know what, I think I'm a perfectionist in denial. I find myself during photography crits thinking about how my stuff measures up, and if I feel like someone else is beating me, I get all crazy competitive silently to come up with something better, or edit what I have quickly in that day.

You're the fiery type, though. Which is VERY good.

You never complained about law school to me! Well, not like, not ever, but not this group thing. That does suck. Group work sucks. I really dislike it. You always feel like you put too much, or not enough in.

I'm glad you could patch things up, even if it's only somewhat. You need to have options! Just make sure to also be firm.

Also, "law schol"? In your tags.

I am going to sit here and LOL at the fact that there's talk of perfectionism in this entry and then that.

I hate you right now. :-) Although, in my defense, I really do feel like I was overusign the law school tag.

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You do use it a lot.XD

But that's because it's relevant!

Oh also, you misspelled overusing. Sorry, I just notice these things! Take it as a sign you're getting to my habits.:)

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