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It's REALLY Not Just for Porn
[Misc] Flowers
Mondays are not a good day for me. Here's how they usually go:

5:30AM - Wake up
6:00AM - Leave the house
8:30AM - Drop Alley off at daycare
9:00AM - 11:45AM - Class
11:45AM-1:15PM - Lunch (while studying)
1:15PM-4:20PM - More class
4:20PM-5:30PM - Run frantically to pick Alley up, drop her at my apartment, rush back to class and hope I'm on time
5:30PM - 8:15PM - More class.

By the time I get food, it's probably about 8:30 to 9. This means that I go for nearly fifteen hours straight on Mondays and since I tend to have a problem sleeping on Sunday nights, it's usually between 1 and 3 hours of sleep (if that). Last night, it was probably about an hour of bad sleep.

What gets me through this? I have no classes on Tuesdays. I can sleep for twelve hours if needed (and trust me, I need it sometimes).

The problem is that we have a group assignment due in my Agency class. Since they decided today that their planned meeting tonight wouldn't work (I wouldn't have been able to make it), I was informed today that we're going to meet tomorrow. At 7AM.

I know that we need to work on the assignment (although I swear I think it's due next week). However, I also know that we could do most (if not all) the assignment via email and IM. It's pretty obvious that we have a hard time coordinating our schedule and I personally think that having to do a 7AM meeting is not a valid solution. I'm also incredibly annoyed that the person who I think is causing this has just blown off two other meetings.

I just can't understand why he's insisting that we have to meet in person. I don't want to be a bitch about it, but I really do feel like insisting that no, we don't need to do this when we have email.

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Wait wait wait, so Monday is for porn?!?!

Such a busy schedule. Honestly, I'd have told them that you don't get much chance for sleep until Tuesday, so you would like to meet a bit later than 7 AM. It seems unfair for one person to set that up.

Also, my group is so disorganized for my presentation due the 22nd. Ugh. >_< I HATE PRESENTING.

No, the internet is for porn. *sighs* Go look for it on YouTube. I just meant that we could very easily use the internet for this.

The problem is that to get all the time we need to work on the assignment, we'll have to meet at 7 since I think a couple of people start class at 9. So if we do it in person, we have to do it like that. Unfortunately, we don't need to meet in person.

And yeah. I take it back. I want to go home and read HP slash tonight, so I guess Monday is for porn.

Don't sigh!D:
I know the song, of course. It's an internet phenomenon. I just didn't get what exactly you meant by "it" initially.^^;;

I see. It really sucks.

Oh, I see. I would gladly add to the festivities, but I myself am hardly in a mood to view that kind of stuff today.

Are you ever in the mood for slash? ;-)

Well, ms. know-it-all, I'm reading a manga right now called Silver Diamond, and I do support the main guy couple-esque thing, so MAYBE I AM SOMETIMES!

If I linked you to the one I'm reading now, you'd run for cover. It's a good, well-written fic with a heavy plot, but it has some pretty hard core moments.

Pfft, been there done that. WITH DBZ!!! Wanna top that?:)

Is that a challenge? I once found an Ash/Pikachu story. Apparently, they're fairly common.

After reading it, I didn't feel very victorious. I only skimmed it, though.

Yeah, no one wins with Pokemon stuff like that.


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