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Klutz Attack
[Misc] Flowers
Having vented about the group work thing, I'm not going to go off on that again except to complain that annoying group member also made the statement "a comma is like saying 'and'" when I pointed out that the contract we were looking at didn't use Oxford commas (you know "Dick, Tom, and Harry instead of Dick, Tom and Harry). It's a stylistic choice, but it just annoyed me to hear him explain that "No, you don't need a comment there because a comma is like saying 'and' so you'd really be saying 'Dick and Tom and and Harry' if you put a comma there."

You would think that my patience would have paid off, right? Wrong. I apparently had a ton of bad karma attached to me today.

First, I was just tired. I actually came home at about 10:45, heated up some lunch, watch TV on the couch, and then fell asleep while doing that. So I took about a five hour nap.

I was just tired at tennis tonight. The warm up drills (which involve hitting balls across two courts and running back to the beginning) really wore me out. I had some good hits, but I also had some really weak stuff. During the lesson proper, I was hit by not one but two balls (one of the forearm, one on my thigh) and managed to step on a ball while I was playing. My ankle apparently rolled out a fair amount, enough that the people who saw me fall were worried. I could bear weight on it, though, so I just sucked it up and kept playing. It got better, but it's still a little swollen and tender now. I hope it doesn't get worse tomorrow.

I'm just really tired tonight. It has nothing to do with the two Advil PMs I took.

Still, I'm glad that I have things my life that make me look forward to certain days. It's a good feeling.

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What a terrible day... you didn't have the karma to deserve that though, in my opinion.:)

It's nice to be able to look forward to things. I don't really consciously do it a lot, sadly- as you found out.^^;;

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