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Not So Funny the Second Time
[Misc] Flowers
You know, I know enough to know that possum and opossum are actually two different animals. They're two separate orders and they live on two separate continents. Unfortunately, I tend to mix them up. For the records, possums live in Australia, opossums live in North America. This is further complicated by the fact that most people do call opossums possums and so if you run an internet search to check, it doesn't help.

Can anyone guess where I'm going with this?

Today, since Alley lost her opossum last night, I stopped in Petsmart and bought her a stuffed replacement. It's small, pink, and cute. I also have a bit of a twisted sense of humor, so before giving it to Alley, I put it on the arm of Dad's recliner and told him (with a semi-straight face) that I thought there was another opossum in his chair. He didn't believe me at first, but I insisted he go look. He did, found the stuffed opossum, laughed, and said it was a good joke.

Unfortunately, this backfired on me. I went though to my bedroom and looked into my bathroom and I saw movement. The opossum was back! In my bathroom. I did the only reasonable thing possible: I shrieked.

I then went back through the house to tell my parents that there was an opossum in my bathroom. Unfortunately, I was laughing hysterically at the time, so they didn't actually believe me initially. Finally, I convinced Mom that there really was and so she followed me back through to my bathroom. Apparently, watching me wrangle marsupials is now a spectator sport.

I finally laid an empty trashcan on its side, then herded the opossum into it using a long handled brush. I then took another picture of it, marched through the house to show it to my dad to prove that yes, there WAS an opossum in my bathroom, and then took the trashcan out to the backyard and laid it on its side. After a couple of minutes, the opossum waddled out and headed up the yard.

I really hope this doesn't happen again. I'm very live and let live. I fully understand that that little opossum probably enjoys being alive just as much as I do (probably more, since he isn't in law school), and for the most part, I'm really not okay with killing another living creature just for my convenience...especially one that does such an important job in the ecosystem.

That said, I'm really not okay with making 'possum wrangling a nightly event. Besides, I'm gone two nights out of the week for school and I'm not sure my parents would be able to get it out. I know Mom couldn't, as for Dad who knows?

I can't figure out how he's getting in the house, though! I think its reasonable to assume it's the same animal. I assumed he got in through the chimney last night, but Dad was watching TV in the living room all evening, so unless the opossum crawled in during the wee hours of the morning, that isn't the likely point of entry. It seems likely that it got in through some point near my room....but I can't figure out where!

On the plus side, opossums are apparently very transient and should leave the area soon.

Still, I have to admit I like the little guy. He's sort of cute. I really hope he's one of the lucky ones that makes it to adulthood. I just hope he does it outside my house.

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I think these "opossums" just like you.:)

Think of it as karma from always wanting that ferret?:3

I wonder if one will be in your bed next... >_>;;

You have a Roy icon!

Thus far, we're up to one in a recliner, 3 in my bathroom, one in the laundry room, and one in the linen closet. I'm hoping they stay out of my bed.

Shoot, I've been rocking Roy icons since I MADE a LJ. Well, maybe not consistently, but I used a "I swear to drunk I am not God" Roy icon for like, 2 years of LJ. I should find that one, since I actually drink now!:P

Oh gosh. That would make me so paranoid. We've had mice and ant stuff at my place(we live near some woods), and that made me paranoid enough. For you to keep finding these creatures must be stressful.:(

Perhaps, as lovable as you're finding the little guys, I'm sure, an exterminator is in order?^^;;

It's actually not bothering me that much. It's like "Oh, another one." Like I said on Twitter, though, this should be the last of them. I hope. Otherwise, we may have to go the exterminator route. That would make me very sad.

They really aren't they bad, though. They're not rodent, they're marsupials, so they're cousins to kangaroos and koalas! That's got to count for something, right?

(Deleted comment)
Well, someone forgot to tell these guys that they were outside animals.

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