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New Phone
[Misc] Flowers
I've had my phone since April or May of 2006. I like my phone. It's served me well, you can use it in Europe, and it has a charm holder.

Unfortunately, my phone has lived hard. It has a couple of cracks, the finish on the buttons on the side is worn off, and its scratched up. I dropped it today on the concrete and now there's a scratch across the display on the front.

I need a new one. I should be due for one with the contract, but I had really hoped to wait another year till I was out of law school.

But it's not pretty anymore. :-(

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But does it work?:)

I regretted losing my charm holder the most, but my new slidey phone makes me happy.

If you get a new phone, make sure to get a really pretty one.^^

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