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Personal Pet Peeve of the Day
[Misc] Flowers
I keep seeing a lot of articles and blog entries about one of the biggest potential downfalls of using Twitter: Being self-involved and boring...and letting everyone who follows you know exactly how boring and self-involved you are. I've even seen some Twitter etiquette stuff that I don't necessarily agree with, like don't post more than ten Tweets per day.

Anyone who uses Twitter knows and can be pretty fun and addictive. I love it. However, I really don't love Livejournal posts of Twitter. They're absolutely pointless and here's why:

1. If someone cares about Twitter, they're on it. If someone cares about what you're saying on Twitter, they're following you. Basically, if you're posting your Twitter updates to LJ (or something similar), you're either spamming people who follow you with double updates or else spamming people who don't care about Twitter (or at least, your Tweets) with something they just want to know.

2. If you do LJ updates on a regular basis and what you Tweeted about today is important enough, you're going to include it in your entry, probably with more details. If the things you Tweeted about today were so fleeting and insignificant, then why on earth are you importing it to your Live Journal anyway?

3. Even if who isn't following you happens to skim your Twitter update in LJ, half of it probably makes no sense. On a few rare occasions, I've actually clicked someone else's Twitter feed to see what exactly the @ comment was about. 9 times out of 10, either I can't find what prompted the @ comment or else I can't access the person's account.

In conclusion, I understand that a lot of people did the Twitter on LJ thing to let people know they had a Twitter account and that it was worth following. Cool. Now pretty much everyone who wants Twitter has it, so that reason is gone. There may be a good reason for doing it now, but anytime I see someone spamming my FList with Twitter updates, all I can think is "Wow. I wish I thought I was half as interesting as this person seems to think s/he is."

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Amen and hallelujah, especially to #1! I hate Tweets. I don't see the point of them, I don't follow them, I don't care to know anything about them. My usual solution to that is just "don't read it", which is why I'm not on Twitter. But nowadays I have to spend my time scrolling through half my friendslist because of all the stupid Tweets.

It's really frustrating when I like someone's LJ content, but just don't really care for their Twitter posts. I wish there was a way to screen it.

I've started using Twitter, but apparently, I'm using it wrong. I just turn it into another messaging service. :-)

I use it for short replies/updates; something less substantial (or in conjunction with) LJ posts.

Though I've gotten tarot reading requests through Twitter, too, so hum.

That's interesting...about the Tarot requests. (Also, love the icon.)

But that's pretty much what I like about Twitter: It gives me a place to post stuff that's just too minor to merit an LJ entry. Posting my Twitter feed in my LJ would sort of defeat that purpose. :-)

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Yeah, with me, Twitter is either feast or famine. :-) I either don't update at all or else I flood it. You, Ashley, and Hemi are usually involved, too.

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Yeah, she's Twitter-peted.

Oh I see how it's gonna go down, insult me where I don't check!!! T_T

I can't help that I have 3,000 tweets!!! I used to be a forum-goer! I like post count!


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