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Writer's Block: Close Call
[Misc] Flowers
Accidents happen all the time, and often we walk away miraculously uninjured. What has been your closest call with avoiding serious harm in an accident?

The deer story. I think several people have heard this already, but I don't think I did an entry on it.

A week and a half ago, I was driving down a two-lane road to go to my music lesson. It goes through a fairly unpopulated, poorly lit area, but nothing too major. Suddenly, the thought just entered my head "You know, I should be careful in case any animals dart out in front of me." So I take my foot off the gas and move it over onto the brake, just for good measure.

Suddenly, I see a deer crossing the road in my headlights. I slow down a bit, but it was almost off the road, so I started to accelerate again when my headlights picked up two more deer standing in the middle of the road. There was a car in the oncoming lane, so all I could do was hit the brakes as hard as I could. I was so convinced that I was going to hit them that I actually shrieked.

The car stopped about a foot away from the deer and fortunately nothing was behind me. If I had swerved to the left or if a car had been behind me or if I had hit the deer and lost control, who knows what would have happened? I was a little shaken up and I hit the brake so hard my leg hurt!

Unfortunately, the outside of my right foot (the one I hit the brake with) started to hurt Sunday morning. It's eased off quite a bit, but that may be because I've been staying off it and taking a lot of Alleve. I'm actually going to a podiatrist tomorrow to get it checked out, just in case I hurt it hitting the brake so hard.

Still, it's amazing to me how everything aligned so perfectly that night and kept me from some serious car damage at best and severe injury at worst. If I'd been going a few miles faster or if I had been paying a bit less attention, I wouldn't have been able to stop.

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The first thing I thought when I saw the writer's block thing is how I was teased about the attention one. I then pouted. OH WOE!

A LITTLE SHAKEN UP!?! Though, I am very glad you were okay. I just can't believe how calmly you talked so soon after it happened.

I'm never going to forget that text, either! NO MORE RIDGE RACER MMKAY? I know, I know, I shouldn't lecture when you almost got hurt and I'm not the BEST driver, but still! I am very cautious.

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