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I Love Dogs
[Misc] Flowers
Tonight, I was looking at my computer and I heard Mom say "Don't do that, Alley." I looked up and asked what she was doing and Mom said that she was licking her paws. I jokingly said that she was afraid they were dirty, then I threw my hands out and said "Out! Out, damn spot!" Alley, who already had her paws on her arm on the couch, puts her paw up in the air and pulled my hand down to pet her.

I love my doggie. :-)

I'm slacking off today. I'm still not feeling 100%...just really draggy. I wonder if it's the rainy weather. Right now, I'm watching the first season of Tru Calling. I really got into the show when it first aired, though I stopped watching it later on (I think it had to do with the practice of moving shows around in the schedule). I was disappointed when it was canceled, though, and very excited to find it on DVD when I was out shopping.

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She's the biggest brat ever. :-) If I'm sitting down, she'll try to push her head under my hand. If I have my fingers laced, she'll push in between my arms so I'm hugging her. And if I walk by her, she rolls over on her back for a belly rub (bonus points if she can reach my hands with her paws).

Of course, in all fairness, I've taught her that if I'm paying attention to her, she can do that, but if I'm ignoring her, she needs to lay quietly (which is what she's doing now). That's why I find this stuff amusing. If she were doing it whenever she wanted, we'd have a problem. :-)

So, you've made a few posts on it, but how's life with Casey?

Oh, Casey's still the biggest sweetheart ever. Snoozing at my feet right now. ;) He and the cats are actually starting to get along. Well, meaning he has learned to let PsychoCat rule the roost, so he's fine.

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