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Short Version
[Misc] Flowers
First, I've decided to set weekly goals on Saturdays for the coming week. Nothing major, just something to work toward. This week, the goals are to eat nothing after 12:45PM and to be in bed by 4:00AM every night.

Did I mention baby steps?

Never, ever say "Nothing has annoyed me this week" before the week's over. I promise it will bite you in the butt later on.

First, I got in bed pretty late, and before I even fell asleep, Mom comes to tell me "I'm hungry."

"Do you want breakfast?"


"Do you want cheese?"


"What do you want?"

"Do we have any frozen dinners?"

"Yes. What do you want?"

"What do we have?"

"I can't tell you off the top of my head."

So, I finally get some cheese and crackers and she decides she wants tea. Okay, cool. Just as the water is ready to boil, she realizes Dad has made coffee. She then decides she wants that. At least she didn't let me get the tea leaves out.

I take Alley out for a bathroom break, bring her in, then go to sleep after that. This is about...8AM?

A few hours later, I hear my bedroom door open. "Mom, is that you?" No answer. Suddenly, Alley jumps in bed with me and is looking down at me. There's nothing to do but get up.

As I'm walking through the house, Mom asks me to call about her xrays. The doctor's office had called about 7PM the night before, telling us to call back in the morning. Silly me, I assume that she would at least do that one little thing for herself, but no...

I call the doctor's office. (It's an extended clinic inside a regular doctor's office, which is why I was able to call on Saturday.) The receptionist answered and I told her what I was calling about. She told me no one was in and to call back Monday.

I hung up, thought for a second (the message was pretty specific and they did call late on a Friday to tell us to call the next morning, so maybe something was important?) and called back, explaining that it was from the extended clinic and I was told to call back today, so did that make any difference?

"I'll check."

I gave her the info and she found nothing in the file. Then she said she would transfer me to the nurse. She then puts me on hold. I waited so long that the phone finally rang back to her desk. She apologized and explained that there was only one nurse and she was in an exam. I then ask if she could just have the nurse call me back?

"No, it's a walk in and she's busy, so we don't have time for that."

Seriously? It takes that much longer to punch in ten numbers and let the phone ring a couple of times?

All told, I was on hold for twenty minutes. TWENTY MINUTES. Finally, I was transferred by to their xray department where I found out that there was no sign of traumatic injury....meaning I could have just waited and called back Monday morning.

The moral to this story is that when I get my own office and secretary, the rule will be if someone has to hold for more than five minutes, that person is to be given the option of either holding or having someone call him or her back as soon as possible. Honestly, isn't that just common sense?

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That sounds really annoying... to be put on hold for twenty minutes. It pains me to say that this customer service problem is actually an industrial engineering problem because it was someone's grand idea to develop a Customer Relationship Management system that doesn't work. (There's a stream in my program called Human Factors; in essence, they deal with the problems that could be solved with common sense.)

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I do that sometimes, too. Also, I was pretty sure that was from you anyway. Do I know my "grandchild" or what? :-)

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I can be a bit motherly. I think it's a good point, though.

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I have a feeling the staying up late thing is partially my fault... well a lot my fault!

... I don't think we made any progress for you this morning.:P

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