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Writer's Block: Call Me
[Misc] Flowers
Do you still use a landline at home, or do you rely completely on your cell phone?

I keep a land line specifically for 911. I know it's probably paranoid and stupid, but after having worked in EMS and had a parent have a major medical emergency, I really want to know that all I have to do is punch in those three numbers and someone will find me, regardless of whether I can give an address or not. To me, that's worth the price of a phone bill.

I also tend to use the land line a lot, so it really annoys me when I give someone my land line number to call me and that person gets my cell phone number for whatever reason and then starts using that as my primary number. It's really not okay. I don't mind some people being able to contact me 24/7, but I only want some people to be able to contact me at my convenience. I consider cell phones electronic leashes and I really don't want to be leashed to every person I come into contact with.