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A Good Day
[Misc] Flowers
One of my personal pet peeves is when people see that a lane of traffic is closed or blocked and instead of getting over when they realize this (and avoiding a huge back up), they drive along till the last minute, passing those of us dumb enough to do what we're supposed to do, and then try to cut in front of a car.

This happened today. One lane of traffic was blocked by a broken down car and two police cars, so traffic is squeezed down to one lane and is moving slowly. Finally, I get to the place where the second lane closes and of course, another driver tries to squeeze his bumper in between my car and the car in front of me, forcing me to let him in. Unfortunately, he didn't have room and I moved up. I could tell that he was going to try to do it anyway, so I eased forward a little more (we were stopped at this point). His solution was to move up to the green car ahead of me and try to cut in front of him. I was seething because I figured the car would let him. Nope. The other driver accelerated quickly and closed the space. The driver then has to wait until some idiot behind me lets him in.

(Honestly, I hate these idiots who are "nice" more than the drivers who are just jerks. If no one let these drivers in when they pulled this nonsense, they'd stop doing it, but they always know someone will be stupid enough to do it. If you are the kind of driver who tries to cut in front of cars that have waited twice as long as you have, you're scum. If you're the kind of driver who lets these idiots in, I'd like nothing more than to run over you with my car.)

Anyway, the story doesn't end here. The green car is moving forward and this brown pickup truck is trying to push in. It basically turned into a huge game of chicken and both of them refused to yield. The brown truck pushed the car all the way over, but the car didn't slow down to let him in. (Had the brown car yielded, I wouldn't have let him in, either.) At one point, there are two cars in one lane with the median on the left and two police cars on their right. Both drivers are blaring their horns. I glance over at the cops on the side and one of them had what can only be described as a "WTF?" look.

I thought it was all over, but apparently the two cars side swiped each other, because once they passed the two police cars, the both pulled over. As I was leaving, both drivers were getting out of their cars and a police officer was (very wisely) walking toward them.

Oh, and as I moved over to the slow lane to try to see what was going to happen with the two drivers, the jerk who had tried to force his way in on me pulls around me and blares his horn.

All in all, a very amusing experience.

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I loathe the people who do that. And frequently like to cut them off and stay in their way so they can't get over.

People who let them in make me want to smack them.

I only hope the guy in the pickup truck got a big ticket. :-)

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