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Another Day, Another Rant...
[Misc] Flowers
Anyway, a quick catch-up on what's going on lately:

Pretty much nothing. The two big events lately were my new phone and my interest in animal law.

First, the new phone. Without going into a long, painful story, I discovered a few weeks ago that in addition to not being waterproof, cell phones are also not water resistant. My phone hasn't worked properly since there. I didn't have an upgrade for complicated reasons, so I was faced with a big choice. I was actually looking at an iPhone and I managed to convince customer service to give me what would more or less amount to the upgrade anyway (due to billing changes). Unfortunately, as a friend pointed out, we don't have 3G here, so I'd be buying a phone and paying for a service I couldn't completely use. Also, I really detest the way wireless companies operate. I'd love to see the discount with contracts abolished. I mean, I realize that people get really good deals on them (i.e. an iPhone for $199 instead of $499), it also lets these companies behave in some pretty bad ways. The iPhone is even worse. You have to get the two year commitment with $30 per month service plan whether you have an upgrade or pay the "no commitment price," which I think is a bad enough deal regardless. However, enough people rushed out to buy the iPhone that apparently AT&T feels no need to try to have any 3G coverage in most of the areas where they're marketing the iPhone 3G....and charging the data fees. Can someone explain that to me?

Anyway, I went with a no-commitment price through Amazon (yes, I broke down there) and got a BlackBerry Pearl 8110. It's pink. It's still a little pricey, but I got it $50 dollars cheaper through Amazon, plus adding another line to the account (the only way to upgrade) would have been $240 over two years. And I really needed a new phone....

The other interesting thing is that I'm looking more into animal law. Obviously, I'm going to need it. I found an animal law blog that actually listed a Kentucky attorney who's done a lot of animal law stuff and received some national press. Part of me wants to contact her, but the other part of me is very wary of her politics. Is she into animal rights?

That's the same reason I'm hesitant about another organization. It's the Animal Legal Defense Fund and it's possible to start a chapter at your law school if you don't already have one. Unfortunately, until I know more about what they're really into, I don't want to really consider it. I really don't want my name to be linked in any way, form, or fashion to a PETA-esque organization. I especially don't want to do anything that would support their agenda.

The other two things are that I'm rewatching Maria-sama ga Miteru and learning German through Rosetta Stone.

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Your new phone is CUTE!

And, I think you should visit her. I mean, even if her ideology isn't exactly synonymous with hers, she at least has experience and some wisdom so you could gain SOMETHING from that.

... my one biggest regret was not visiting the artist who made me want to be one when she had a studio, not kidding, within walking distance from my house in the downtown...

In 8th grade career day, she came in, and showed us the work she had done for Magic the Gathering cards, and such. Fantasy art. From then on, I wanted to not be a journalist anymore. I should have visited her studio downtown... such pretty art.

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