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Mini New Year (or Something)
[Misc] Flowers
I sort of think of July 1 as a mini-New Year. It means that the current year is half over and we're entering the second part of it, plus school is getting ready to start in a month, other things are happening, etc... Basically, it's a nice time of year to take stock of what you've done so far and work on making new goals...especially since there's not nearly as much pressure as there is around January 1.

In light of all this, I decided to make July 1 a great day that would set the tone for the rest of the year. My body, however, disagreed and decided that I should spend July 1 sick. It all started yesterday, when I had a killer headache and ended up throwing up late in the evening. Not fun at all. I slept late today and thought I was okay...not good, but not bad. I tried to do a few things, but I was just draggy. Now that the day's over, though, I'm exhausted. My neck hurts, I feel feverish, I have a sore throat, and I'm just bone tired. Nothing serious and I'm sure I'll get over it in a couple of days, but still...

The day wasn't an entire wash, though. I did a bit of cleaning (nothing heavy), watered all the plants that needed watering, and worked on my German. (I'm actually very proud on how well I've been sticking with this last part.) And my new phone arrived!!! It's not the most amazing phone ever. It's just a Blackberry Pearl 8110 (pink!!), but it's a huge step up from my Motorola flip phone I got in 2006. When my uncle (who was here today) walked in with the package from Amazon, I was like "GIMME!!!!!" Then I opened it and got it set up and called the landline to make sure it was functioning and it was "Whoo hoo! It works!" And the most pleasant surprise was that after I had resigned myself to not having a phone charm, I found out that it had a charm holder! (Could I have gotten a more girly phone? ;-D) I love it.

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I've never thought of it like that!!! I'm always like, "Oh, it's my birthday month. Woo."

I don't think I've done that much so far this year.:\
I've lost stuff, but I just don't feel like I did too much of value, I guess. I hope I can make the second half worth it?

"It's just a Blackberry Pearl 8110"

I LOL'd. Blackberries are considered to be pretty high rank.:P

And... get better. I know, you can't really control it, but you know.

And for the love of puppies(HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAA!!!!) try to get that law school tag smaller! LOL.

Maybe, but it's one of the older ones. Still, it suits me. :-D

And I'll work on it!

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