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Of Slytherin and Neuromas
[Misc] Flowers
First, when Ashley was visiting two weeks ago, I got home Saturday night and realized that part of my foot was numb. I couldn't feel at least my pinkie toe! Since a pretty good medical rule of thumb is that you should always be able to feel all your extremities at all times, I was slightly concerned by this.

It's eased off a bit, but still hasn't gone away completely. Today, I finally had my appointment with my podiatrist and found out that it's a neuroma (basically, an inflamed nerve). It can be caused by a tight toe box in a shoe or wearing high heels. There really isn't any treatment for it, but it will go away on its own, even though I may be prone to recurrence. She offered to give me a cortisone shot to help it a bit, which I STRONGLY refuse. For those who haven't had a cortisone shot, the needle is BIG! It's so big, they actually numb your foot with a smaller needle before inserting it and it's till not too pleasant. While there are times when the pain of the shot is outweighed by the pain of something else (plantar fasciitis springs to mind), this wasn't one of those times.

Oh, and that plantar fasciitis is trying to flare up again, too. That means that I need to get back to working on some stretching exercises to avoid the aforementioned large and painful injection of steroids.

In more interesting news, two days after I went to see the Harry Potter movie, I found this video:

Slytherin makeup. While it's too late to wear it to the first movie (even though it would have gone great with my Slytherin shirt and green nails), I may try it for Halloween. I actually picked up most of the supplies for it today (still need silver eyeshadow and a black eyeliner pencil). I did a dry run with it tonight and I think it might actually work. Of course, I need somwhere to wear it now, but maybe something will turn up, right?